Sunday evening [September 17], Donald Glover took home his very first Emmy award for the category of Outstanding Directing In a Comedy Series for his work on his won Atlanta television series, specifically the show’s “B.A.N.” episode. Among other nominees in the category, Glover beat out directors for shows such as”Silicon Valley,” and “Veep.”

Since its debut, “Atlanta” has gone on to rack up a multitude of nominations, including two Golden Globe wins, and rounded up five total Emmy nominations on Sunday night that include Outstanding Comedy series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Glover.

While the nominations and subsequent wins mark great strides for the breakout series, set to begin filming for its second season at the start of 2018, Glover has also made history as the first Black director wo ever win in the category of Outstanding Directing in A Comedy eies. In his speech, Glover took the opportunity to thank the likes of his parent, his brother Stpehen who also earned an Emmy nomination for his writing on Atlanta, and Hiro Murai, who he credited with teaching him everything he knows about directing. 

“He taught me everything about directing,” he said of his friend. “He had the eye for this show and he’s just amazing. I really want to give this to Hiro and just say ‘I love you and thank you for being my best friend.'”

To top off the legendary moment, Donald was also presented with the award by comedian Dave Chappelle, who after missing his presentation rehearsal, pretty much winged it alongside co-presenter Melissa McCarthy.

Donald Glover

Donald Glover Takes Home His First Emmy Win