Celina Powell's Wildest Stories—From Trey Songz To Tory Lanez

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From lying about carrying Offset’s baby, to attempting to break up Snoop Dogg’s marriage, this infamous personality knows no bounds.

In entertainment, scandal and controversy are never in short supply. There’s always a new headline, whether real or fake, about one celebrity or the other. Over the years, one of the people who have gone viral for having the wildest stories is the infamous personality, Celina Powell. The OnlyFans model is renowned for her audacious claims and incriminating allegations.

Recently, Powell made headlines yet again for allegedly being in a relationship with Love is Blind star Clay Gravesande. While the news is surprising to some, it’s certainly not the most shocking headline Powell has been attached to. In the past, the model has made claims against several celebrities, including Trey Songz and Tory Lanez, among others. Here’s a list of five of the wildest stories Celina Powell has shared about celebrities.

Trey Songz

Celina Powell has been telling damning stories about Trey Songz for a while now. On August 29, 2019, she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel where she alleged that she had been kidnapped by the singer. Subsequently, when she was interviewed in a No Jumper episode in 2020, she corroborated her friend’s tale which accused him of sexual misconduct. Aliza, Powell’s friend who was also being interviewed, claimed that Songz peed on her. “He took my phone and my purse away for like a whole day, held it over the balcony, and was like, ‘B**tch, if you try to leave, I will drop this s*it,’” Aliza added. 

Afterwards, Trey Songz made a series of posts on X, denying the allegations. However, that was not the end of it all. Since then, Celina Powell doubled down on the Trey Songz stories, insisting she made none of it up. On several occasions, she has recounted the tale of when the singer allegedly held her against her will and forced himself on her. 

Snoop Dogg

In July 2018, Celina Powell caused an internet uproar with one of her wildest stories ever. In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, she accused Snoop of cheating on his wife with her. She described their alleged sexual encounter, claiming that they had unprotected sex and that, at intervals, Snoop Dogg would stop to snort cocaine from her chest. After the story broke out, it brought unwanted attention to the rapper and his family. As a matter of fact, word circulated that Shante Broadus was considering divorce. However, that never happened, fortunately for the rapper. He publicly apologized to his wife, even addressing the issue on the remix of Problem’s “Don’t Be Mad at Me” track.

G Herbo

During an interview with Adam22 in 2019, Celina Powell shared stories about her purported escapades with rappers. One of the names she mentioned in her talk was G Herbo. She started off the tale talking about their sexual encounter. However, the story eventually moved in a surprising direction. After their fling, G Herbo had a show to play, and Powell attended, but eventually had to leave following a minor altercation with another lady. She claimed that she returned to Herbo’s hotel room with a friend after leaving the show. There, she allegedly robbed the rapper of his belongings. “His passport was there, all of his money was there, all his clothes was there. I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s do it. F*ck it. We jacked all of his sh*t,” she told Adam22.


Without a doubt, the story Celina Powell cooked up about Offset is among the wildest stories she’s ever concocted. In 2018, Powell shared a video where she claimed that she was pregnant. As if that wasn’t enough news on its own, she went further to claim that the father of the alleged unborn child was Offset. At the time, Cardi B was pregnant with Offset’s child, so this news was pretty scandalous. It was made even worse when Powell shared another video, alleging that Offset offered her $50,000 to abort the pregnancy. However, Powell later admitted she lied about the news during a Twitch session with DJ Akademiks.

Tory Lanez

In May 2020, Celina Powell was allegedly assaulted, and named Tory Lanez in her police report. According to Powell’s report, Tory Lanez confronted her while she was outside his Miami condo, and tried to grab her phone. During their alleged scuffle, she claimed that she tried to get away. However, she was allegedly attacked from behind by a woman named Kaylin Garcia, who she claimed yanked her to the ground. Powell told cops that Lanez and Garcia drove off after the altercation, and that she blacked out during the assault. Furthermore, she claimed that when she eventually woke up, she was badly bruised.

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