Maxo Kream Spits From The Block In Houston For New Single "Judge The Plugg": Stream

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Maxo Kream Judged Plugg From Block Performance Houston New Song Stream Hip Hop NewsMaxo Kream Judged Plugg From Block Performance Houston New Song Stream Hip Hop News
Maxo Kream's "From The Block" performance for 4 Shooters Only is just as good as it sounds on paper, and its title says it all.

Maxo Kream continues his pretty prolific 2024 streak with a "From The Block" performance in Houston for the 4 Shooters Only YouTube channel series, bringing us a woozy and wavy new single titled "Judged The Plugg." As the titled suggests, this instrumental is a return to the bubbly, synth-heavy, and chilled-out plugg style of SoundCloud-esque trap music that hit its stride in the 2010s. However, the Texas MC's consistent flow, clever wordplay flips, vivid and confident narratives, and effortlessly cool cadence makes this classic style sound good as new. It's a solo cut following previous big collaborations so far this year, including That Mexican OT's "Talkin In Screw" and a new team-up with 03 Greedo, "R.I.C.O."

Furthermore, Maxo Kream takes a bit of a distinct thematic angle here when it comes to the lyrical matter, in a way that ties in with the song's title and production style in a notably cohesive way. He speaks on his experience with the justice system, that disconnect from street life, and the contrast that exists as a result. It's a pretty complete tale that goes over plenty of aspects of necessity, loyalty, parenthood, financial struggle, and more despite just a verse and refrain making up this track's short runtime. Of course, we already knew that the "No Then You A H*e" spitter could get topical, as he proved for much of his career. That referenced single, in fact, is a tribute to his late father, and one of the more touching but coldly gritty rap songs of the year so far.

Maxo Kream's "From The Block" Performance In Houston: Stream "Judged The Plugg"

Whatever Maxo Kream's got in store next, we can't wait to check it out. If you haven't heard the "Bang The Bus" creative's latest single "Judged The Plugg" yet, check out the "From The Block" performance above. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below and peep some standout bars down there, as well. As always, come back to HNHH for more amazing music drops around the clock.

Quotable Lyrics
Before the bailiff read me rights, getting judged by the judge,
And the D.A. got a grudge, this s**t ain't right
I don't understand they laws, and they don't understand my life,
My biggest flaw of them all is walking down and crashed on sight

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