King Combs Disses 50 Cent: "Pick A Side" Lyrics, Explained

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king combs 50 cent diss pick a side
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King Combs is carrying on his father's generation beef with 50 Cent, though some of his bars leave much to be desired.

Hip-hop is clearly in a state of chaos at the moment, as multiple artists have been engaging in even more ruthless mudslinging and heavy-handed beef than usual. In the wake of Kendrick Lamar's brutal rap feud with Drake, Diddy's son King Combs has released a diss of his own, aimed at 50 Cent. The track, titled "Pick A Side," makes explicit references to the recent raids conducted on Diddy's residences by federal agents, which 50 has been mercilessly mocking on social media.

The song has also brought up a lot of questions and concerns from hip-hop fans, especially with 50 Cent dragging King Combs' personal dirt into the light following the release. Let's take a look at some of the bars on the latest diss record, and dissect King Combs' perspective on 50 Cent. Here's everything you should know about King Combs' "Pick A Side."

The Track Opens With Some Nursery Rhyme Taunts

Despite the very serious subject matter of "Pick A Side," King Combs opens the record with a sing-song tune interpolating the rhythm of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" before launching a verbal assault upon 50 Cent. The opening lyrics state "They preying on our downfall another time again/ After the rainfall the sun gon' shine again/ Don't bust no U-turns cause we ain't forgetting s***/ And to all y'all that switch, suck my d***."

Clearly, King intends to use this cutesy tune to represent something of a calm before the storm, offering a humorous jab at detractors of his music mogul father. From here, King dives right in, with a banging club beat, complete with brass stabs and menacing high hats. The true opening lyrics to the song see King Combs taking on something of a New York drill-inspired flow, reminiscent of prominent figures in the modern rap landscape such as Pop Smoke or Ice Spice.

King Is Not Here For The "No Diddy" Jokes

If you've spent any time on social media in the last few weeks, you're likely already familiar with the running gag of people saying "No Diddy." This joke refers to the Bad Boy founder's ongoing legal drama, which suggests he may have had inappropriate sexual conduct with several men. Fans have also harassed Meek Mill online, spreading rumors that he and Diddy engaged in covert homosexual acts.

For King Combs, this disrespect will not be tolerated, as the young artist raps "I dare one of you n****s scream out no Diddy/ Come blow with me" as the backing ad-libs shout "F*** that n**** up!" From there, Combs spends a few bars describing his sexual exploits with very attractive women, providing his hetero accolades to any potential listeners. Later in the track, King expresses direct aggravation with anyone who "plays with n****s names and all that" and says that it is officially war time.

King Combs References 50 Cent's Greatest Record

Transitioning his verse into a direct attack, King Combs argues that Diddy has had more influence on the New York rap scene than 50 Cent. After name-dropping the rapper turned television producer, Combs states "Possibly hated on by many men and n**** that's fine/ They gon' try to stop these Eminems, and they gon' die trying." Here, King Combs references 50 Cent's hit single "Many Men" off his Shady Records debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin', and flips Eminem's name to reference M's, meaning millions of dollars.

Combs Might Have Accidentally Dry-Snitched On His Dad

Arguably the biggest highlight of "Pick A Side" comes toward the back end, as King seemingly gives away crucial information to the feds. While arguing that 50 Cent's obsession with Diddy comes from jealousy, financial insecurity, or a fear that the Combs crew may have stolen 50's girl, King references the recent federal raids on his dad's properties, rapping, "Knock them walls down like when them feddy boys run in both our cribs/ Too bad they ain't know we bought the one next door 'cause that's the one they missed." King continues to explain that his father was "On the G6 getting a line-up" during the time when the raids took place.

50 Cent responded to these bars in particular in a now-deleted Instagram post, stating "Now why would you say some like this when you know the FEDS are investigating. IS YOU STUPID OR IS YOU DUMB? LOL." In true 50 Cent fashion, the "Many Men" rapper then upped the score by bringing King Combs' sexual assault lawsuit to light, posting "I really don’t understand why they want to drug women, if she can’t remember how good it was the next morning How do you connect ?" King was accused of sexual assault just a month ago, by a woman named Grace O'Marcaigh.


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