Gunna "One Of Wun" Album Review

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Rest assured, fans are going to feel right at home with Gunna’s latest album.

The release of Gunna's new album One Of Wun on May 10 was a moment met with restless anticipation. For fans of the Atlanta rapper, the album's arrival was not preceded by the usual fanfare or explosive marketing campaigns other artists of his caliber tend to do. Instead, it came on the heels of personal and legal challenges that saw Gunna retreat from the public eye. That’s why Gunna's choice to let the music speak for itself feels like a statement of sorts

One Of Wun was also a hint at the deep exploration he seems to be going through in his journey so far as an artist. It’s also not a reach to claim that One Of Wun’s eclectic beats serve to amplify this narrative. His previous works painted pictures of luxury and excess, set against the backdrop of his signature flow and infectious beats. But One Of Wun showed another layer to the man; a man with deeper, complex feelings and sensitivities.

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Gunna’s Not Giving Up The Gold

A central motif in Gunna's latest album is his indulgences and the opulence and extravagance that his success has afforded him. This theme is woven throughout the album. However, several tracks stand out for their explicit portrayal of this luxurious life. On "Back in the A," Gunna reflects on his rise from humble beginnings to a life of wealth, contrasting his past with his present. On "Prada Dem," featuring Offset, a braggadocious anthem ensues, celebrating designer fashion, and the high-end lifestyle that has become synonymous with Gunna's image. "Whatsapp (Wassam)" is another example where Gunna narrates an interesting experience of receiving a significant sum of money for a private show. Finally, "Neck On A Yacht," produced by Turbo, is inspired by recording sessions on a yacht. Altogether, these tracks further emphasize the carefree and affluent lifestyle that Gunna now enjoys.

On Relationships And Women

Gunna explores his experiences with women throughout One Of Wun. However, there's a sense of detachment in his approach. While the songs discuss women and sex quite a bit, it's clear that there's not much emotional depth involved. Take "Treesh” for example, where Gunna dives into the complexities of short-lived relationships, balancing between reluctance and enjoyment in casual encounters. Likewise, "Life's Changing" sheds light on how his life has transformed. This includes his romantic involvements, especially as he deals with the challenges of fame and wealth.

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Perseverance In Adversity

Finally, Gunna's One of Wun digs deep into his efforts to push forward despite the challenges life throws at him. Interestingly, the album seems to be inspired by his legal battles and the controversies surrounding his plea deal. Overall, it stands as a testament to his strength. Gunna brushes off the need for apologies from those who doubted him, focusing instead on his personal victories. Moreover, the title track resonates with this idea. His p lyrics underscore his unwavering determination to succeed in the face of adversity. This resilience shines through in "On One Tonight" as well. Gunna confronts the expectations of his critics for his downfall, reaffirming his steadfast commitment to thrive.

Production And Sound

Gunna continues to push the boundaries of trap music with One of Wun. With standout tracks like "Prada Dem," featuring Offset, and "Whatsapp (Wassam),” this album is an experiment done right. The songs brilliantly exemplify his evolution as an artist. He combines his trademark melodic rap with newer sonic elements, such as afrobeats, to create a fresh sound. 

Before the album's release, Gunna had already established himself as a distinct voice in the trap genre. His unique melodies and sounds feature bouncy acoustic guitar loops, airy pads, and catchy synth melodies. This helps to create a rhythm that is both lush and laid-back. This sparse production style gives his voice full reign over the tracks, allowing his smooth delivery and clever wordplay to shine. Gunna's hit "Fukumean" is a prime example of this signature style. This track was definitely one of the first to showcase his ability to create hits that resonate with fans everywhere. In similar fashion, One Of Wun’s sound is characterized by its mid-tempo beats and synth-driven melodies, and a seamless blend of traditional trap elements with innovative musical ideas.


One of Wun is definitely evidence of Gunna's melodic prowess and his established place in the trap genre. However, while the album showcases his signature sound and lyrical themes, it also reveals areas where the artist could have stretched his creative boundaries further. The album's production is polished, with Gunna's flow as precise as ever, but it often treads familiar ground. For example, tracks like "Collage" and "Hakuna Matata" are prime examples of Gunna's ability to craft immersive melodies, but they don't stray very far from the same sonic palette he has offered in the past. 

Moving on, the project's midtempo, synth-driven production, is not at all shoddy and is very cohesive. However, for a 20-track album, this sometimes borders on monotonous. Unfortunately, there are moments that lead to a sense of redundancy, especially as the album progresses. The album also seems to need a more specific lyrical depth that could have provided a more explicit understanding of Gunna as an artist. Many tracks don't venture into new lyrical territory that might have offered a fresh perspective on Gunna's experiences.

So, although One of Wun solidifies Gunna's status in the trap scene and highlights his opportunities for growth. The album could benefit from a greater variety in production. Additionally, a deeper dive into the rapper's personal narrative would have helped. Despite this, Gunna's loyal fan base will likely find much to enjoy in the album's familiar vibes and melodic consistency.


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