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Gunna’s long list of producers prove their worth with several memorable melodic trap beats.

On May 10, Gunna released his fifth studio album, One of Wun. The rapper’s latest body of work is a symphony of trap rhythms and melodic flows. It is also a testament to his evolution as one of contemporary Hip Hop’s most influential voices right now. With each new release, he attempts to push the boundaries of the genre, and this album is no exception. This is why it comes as no surprise that the project is aiming for a Top 10 debut.

Before One of Wun dropped, Gunna released two singles, giving listeners a taste of what was to come. Now that the album has finally arrived, many fans can’t get enough of it. Although it may not be regarded as the rapper’s magnum opus, it is certainly a worthy addition to his catalog. While Gunna delivers excellently, the production throughout this project equally stands out. From the first track to the last, the beats on One of Wun form the backbone of its sonic landscape. Here’s a list of the best ones on the album.

5. “Prada Dem” (ft. Offset)

Released as the lead single from the album, “Prada Dem” undeniably has one of the hardest beats on One of Wun. The track was co-produced by Aviator Keyyz, Evrgrn, and Fritz. It contains hard-hitting drums, a sick bassline, a hypnotic flute melody, snappy hi-hats, and everything good in between. Altogether, it has a very laidback vibe, but in an expensive way. Besides, whatever energy the beat may lack, Gunna and Offset more than make up for it with their verses. Both rappers slide effortlessly on the beat, spitting cold bars and delivering just what was needed. It’s no surprise this song was selected to be the lead single, considering just how hard it is.

4. “$$$” (ft. Normani)

One of the best things One of Wun gave us was another Gunna and Normani collab following “1:59.” Without a doubt, “$$$” is among the standout tracks on the album. The chemistry between the two performers is palpable, and they should certainly work together more. However, that’s not the only notable thing about this track. The production on “$$$” certainly stands out as well, and this is courtesy of Dunk Rock, Jacobsen, and Kenny Stuntin. These three producers combined their talents to create an earworm of a beat. It blends trap and R&B beautifully, and as expected, Normani and Gunna absolutely eat it up.

3. “One Of Wun”

Being the title track, there’s certainly a level of excellence expected from “One of Wun” and Gunna delivered. The rapper isn’t the only one who brought his A-game on the track, though. Que, Byrd, and Kenny Stuntin, the producers, turned up the heat with this one and left no prisoners. From the drums to the snaps, to the trippy background melody that plays throughout, this beat oozes minimalist trap excellence. Admittedly, there are not exactly any high points in the production as it is mostly looped. However, what the beat does, it does very well. It serves as the perfect sonic backdrop for Gunna to drop his lines, and it gives exactly what it’s meant to give.

2. “Let It Breathe” (ft. Roddy Ricch)

Gunna only featured four artists on One of Wun, and Roddy Ricch is one of the acts who makes a guest appearance. Fans of Ricch have been thirsty for a track from the rapper for quite some time. With “Let It Breathe,” he has finally given the people what they want, and he did it with style. Both Roddy Ricch and Gunna tear up the beat of “Let It Breathe,” which was produced by Evrgrn, Harrison Song, and Kenny Stuntin. Featuring melancholic keys, punchy drums, and an evocative bass, the trap beat is one of the best on this album.

1. “Time Reveals, Be Careful What You Wish For”

On One of Wun, it can be argued that Gunna saved the best for last. “Time Reveals, Be Careful What You Wish For” has one of the best performances by the rapper on the album. Additionally, the track has arguably the best beat on One of Wun, as well. The poignant trap song has the longest production credits on the album, with eight producers contributing. Aviator Keyyz, Gabe Lucas, Gray Toomey, Kristian Rose, LukasBL, Omar Grand, Segrate Martell Price, and Turbo all have production credits. The mellow production was tailored perfectly for Gunna to glide on and is an excellent closer to One of Wun.

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