Valee & Black Noi$e Create Weird & Wonderful Energy On "Partridge" EP

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You may not hear anything else like this for the rest of the year.

Valee, veteran underground rapper hailing from Chicago, Illinois, has been ramping up production lately. His unconventional and otherworldly style was heard a bunch last year on three separate occasions in fact. The "Womp Womp" artist loves to collaborate with others and that was the case on Virtuoso, VALEEDATION, as well as CAR TOONS. Harry Fraud, MVW, Top$ide, and Trap-A-Holics were all seen alongside him, really showcasing his artistic range. Now, Valee is hopping in the booth with Nova Scotia-born and Detroit-raised producer Black Noi$e for Partridge. It is a new EP that spans just under 16 minutes and has five tracks.

If any Earl Sweatshirt fans are reading this, then you know the name Black Noi$e. He is one of the rapper's most frequent beat crafters, but he has also worked with similar talents like Zelooperz. Even though Earl is nowhere to be found on Partridge, the connection is still there. According to Stereogum, Sweatshirt had a hand in creating the artwork for the EP with Black Noi$e, so that is a cool thing to see.

Listen To Partridge By Black Noi$e & Valee

In terms of the project itself, this is truly a unique listening experience. That barely scratches the surface of what Partridge is all about, but trust us on this one. The tone is dark and sometimes a little goofy due to Valee's occasional gut-busting bars. Overall though, Partridge is a fun listening experience, especially for fans of more left field material.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new EP Partridge by Black Noi$e and Valee? Do you need more collaborative records from them in the future, why or why not? Which track is the best out the bunch? Who was more consistent across the project? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Black Noi$e and Valee. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

Partridge Tracklist:

  1. All Spice
  2. Clutch
  3. DiGiMon
  4. Ruff
  5. Sonnet
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