New Kendrick Lamar Leak Seemingly Makes Reference To Drake's Mom

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Another day, another (alleged) Kendrick Lamar snippet.

Kendrick Lamar has been quiet since he dropped "Like That." The aftermath of his verse has been absolutely chaotic, with diss tracks popping up seemingly every day. Regardless of who tries to clown Drake on Instagram, though, the main event remains Lamar vs Drake. They are the big two, now that J. Cole has taken himself out of competition. Drake responded to "Like That" with "Push Ups," and now fans are waiting for K. Dot to fire back. A new leak suggests he may already be loading up his weapon.

On April 18, a snippet of an untitled song surfaced on X (formerly Twitter). The snippet is 22 seconds long, and features Lamar (or what sounds like Lamar) crooning over a soul beat. The mood is silly, as people can be heard laughing in the background, but the lyrics give reason for pause. "Sweet p***y Sandra, please come home," the rapper sings. "Sweet p***y Sandra, please don't go, whoa whoa." Lamar fans may not the similarities between the snippet and "untitled 04," which appeared on the untitled, unmastered project. The big difference here, though, is that Lamar is singing the name of Drake's mother, Sandra Graham.

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Kendrick Lamar Sings About A Woman Named Sandra

Drake is famously close with his mother, and mentions her frequently in his music. She made a cameo in the music video for "Started from the Bottom," and even had the song "Sandra's Rose" named after her. It's worth noting that very little information about the leak has been uncovered. Genius has made a lyrics page under the name "Sweet P***y Sandra" (what else), and the producer credited on the song is DJ Dahi. Lamar and Dahi have collaborated on "Money Trees" and "LOYALTY," so it makes sense they'd reunite for such a monumental a diss.

The lack of information does force one to question the leak's validity, however. Kendrick Lamar was just linked to a diss track titled "One Shot," and days after its release, a TikTok producer admitted he made it with AI. It's getting harder to tell the difference between what's real and what's not, so a healthy amount of skepticism is good with leaks like "Sweet P***y Sandra." If it is real, though, the battle between Lamar and Drake is going to turn into an all out war.

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