TikTok Producer Reveals How He Made Kendrick Lamar's AI Diss

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Sy The Rapper has taken credit for creating the fake track.

The truth is out. The Kendrick Lamar diss that's been floating around the internet the last few days has been confirmed to be AI generated. There was widespread confusion as to who leaked Lamar's alleged response to Drake and J Cole, but it turns out the "diss" track was made by a producer named Sy The Rapper. Sy revealed the truth via TikTok on April 16, and said he was surprised the AI track fooled so many listeners.

Sy backed up his claim by showing TikTok users the music file on his computer. The artist explained that he wanted to make the track to see how convincing the AI technology could be. It turned out to be far more convincing than he expected. "I ain't gonna lie, I psyched myself," Sy stated. "I thought it was gonna sound fake, I thought people was gonna be able to tell it was fake. People think it's actually real." Sy went on to give the AI diss an official title, "One Shot," before assuring fans that Kendrick Lamar had nothing to do with its creation.

Kendrick's "Diss" Was Made Without His Involvement

Sy The Rapper voiced his support for Lamar, and asserted that the real diss record will be much better than what he created. "I just wanna come out for the record and say that it's AI," he added. "That's not Kendrick's response. I know Kendrick's gonna come harder than that. I just couldn't get too disrespectful cuse I ain't in that beef." The artist closed out his confession on a lighter note by saying that Drake heard the AI diss. "I seen Drake heard it and commended, and he laughed at it," Sy said, while also laughing.

Sy's reveal shuts down the theories that some industry insiders had about Lamar's track being "bad." Daylyt, a rapper who appeared on J Cole's Might Delete Later, tweeted that he knew the leak was AI. He even clapped back at Mal of New Rory And Mal Podcast for suggesting it was real. "Like I said 100000% ai," Daylyt wrote. "@thisisrory tell mal I said put his account on mut [sic] for a few days lol."

The good news is that Lamar's real response has yet to be released. The bad news is that AI is getting so advanced that fans can no longer tell what's real and what's not.

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