What Happened Between JT & GloRilla?

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 27: JT of City Girls attends the BET Awards 2021 at Microsoft Theater on June 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET) INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 06: GloRilla arrives at the 2024 Billboard Women In Music at YouTube Theater on March 06, 2024 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)
The two have made some serious threats against each other.

GloRilla and JT have been the topic of a flurry of rumors for over five months. At first, all indications that these rumors held no weight. However, this has since been upturned as the pair have traded some serious insults on Twitter. Beyond that, they’ve issued some even more serious threats to one another. In fact, JT has made it very clear that she doesn’t mind going back to jail, despite GloRilla recently claiming that they aren't beefing on "Aite." It’s unclear where they currently stand, but after the release of “Aite,” GloRilla and JT have not seen eye to eye.  

The Armon Wiggins Story 

The story about the alleged incident was made known to the public by The Rap-Up podcast's Armon Wiggins in October 2023. The story went something like this: GloRilla approached JT at the 2023 VMAs with what seemed to be a friendly gesture. However, the interaction didn't go as planned because JT allegedly rebuffed her. Glo then allegedly got violent and sent a drink, a hand, or a purse flying JT's way. This incident set tongues wagging, and before long, the rumor mill churned out the story that GloRilla slapped JT.

Many found Armon Wiggins' dramatic tale a little hard to believe especially since no one else had corroborated these claims. The only third party to ever disclose the story is Wiggins and he divulged this anecdote a month after the VMAs, a highly publicized event. To further clear the air, GloRilla's album Ehhthang Ehhthang, released on April 5, included the song “Aite.” In the lyrics, GloRilla addressed the situation with JT, stating, “Me and JT ain’t the best of friends, but we ain’t beefin’.

April 5th Wasn’t “Aite”

While the story should have ended there, the story took yet another turn after JT, in multiple posts denied having been hit by GloRilla. On April 5th, she made yet another tweet denying it but also accused Glo of perpetuating a false story through her music. She said that GloRilla was playing into the rumors for publicity when she “...released a song about slapping b*tches…” only to follow it up with “Aite,” and “...now it's female unity??CORNY!!!!”

In response, GloRilla fiercely defended her song in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. "Hoe shut yo dumb ass up & fix dem uglass wigs I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity," she began. Soon after, she followed up another tweet that read, “I mentioned yo name to clear the air, what you wanted me to say I didn't slap you but with a purse instead?? Scary ass ho.”

The drama between GloRilla and JT escalated further when Glo shared a tweet that read, “Nvm no free promo.” This seemingly innocuous statement set off a chain reaction of heated exchanges. JT, not one to hold back, responded vehemently. She accused GloRilla of being a liar and dismissed the idea that GloRilla had hit her with anything. She tweeted: “OMG you are a liarrrr! B*tch you didn’t hit me with shit FANNED out ass b*tch you approach me sounding like an old beat-up box Chevy ‘WHAT UP GANG’.”

Evidently, GloRilla wasn't backing down either. She referenced the night of the altercation one more time saying: “Inmate 0983 was taking off her shoes like she was gone get to me. Didn't know if her a$$ was trying to get active or get sturdy. Lying about getting touched is crazyyy.”

Threats And Promises Made

GloRilla subsequently issued a warning to JT. She threatened to show up uninvited at one of JT's “Backyard BBQ shows.” The gloves were off, and both artists began making bold threats. Before then, JT accused Glo of causing “all that sh*t with FNF remix too! Came in the game messy & phony ready to switch up on [her] homies too had to jump back on the roof.”

However, in a cryptic move, JT also made another tweet captioned with the word "Pending." The tweet was a picture showing eight of her mugshots from over the years. The red-circled blank spot hinted at an upcoming addition to her collection. It was a bold statement, suggesting that she wasn't one to shy away from a physical confrontation, and was ready for whatever turn it would take.

Glo took her up on the offer though. She replied that JT didn't have what it took to face her since “dem mugshots is from you stealing not fighting.” JT followed that up by making her threats against GloRilla even bolder. Specifically, she wrote that her ninth mugshot would be from me “poking holes in you like the air mattresses you were sleeping on.” 

It's Probably Not Over Yet

Two days before, JT had also taken to social media to address female rappers who allegedly sneak dissed her. She tweeted, “Bitches be Sneak dissing letting their flunky wanna be ME ass friends hype their head up, but when I come, just know I’m not gonna play with neither one of y’all bitches. Y’all are long overdue.”  Since then, she has had online rifts, even with her best friend, fellow City Girl Yung Miami. She also got into it with Cardi B as well.

Meanwhile, GloRilla made an appearance at the 2024 CMT Music Awards. When asked about the back-and-forth with JT on Twitter, GloRilla chose to respond in a cryptic manner. In fact, her reply was rather philosophical. She simply said, “Everything just always everything. At the end of the day, that day gon’ motherf—in’ end. Everything is everything. That day gotta end.”

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