Drake Clowns Rick Ross In Leaked DM: "You Not Rozay Anymore"

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MIAMI BEACH, FL - DECEMBER 31: (L-R) Drake and Rick Ross attend Sean Diddy Combs Ciroc The New Years Eve Party at his home on December 31, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Drake says Rick Ross is not the "boss" he claims to be.

It keeps getting uglier. Drake and Rick Ross were one of the most reliable duos in hip-hop for a decade, but now they're sworn enemies. The two men swapped diss tracks in the last week, and Ross has kept the mockery going by posting IG Live videos and DMs between him and the 6 God. The MMG boss was not so quick to share Drizzy's response, however. Drake took a screenshot of the chat with with a brutal caption. "Look how I talk to this turkey," he wrote. "You shoulda just asked for another feature."

DJ Akademiks posted the screenshot of Drake's response on Instagram. The Toronto rapper dismantled the notion that Ross is a mogul, and proceeded to call his luxurious lifestyle a front. "Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib," he wrote with laughing emoijis. "Your s**ts be steals like you got em from a police auction." The rapper also claimed that Ross shares his "private jet" with others. "You put a wrap on your timeshare yet," he said. "That s**t coming off when it's the other people turn to fly."

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Drake Claims Ross' Private Jet Is a "Timeshare"

Drake has a considerably higher net worth than Rick Ross. The former has an estimated worth of $250 million, while Ross is believed to be worth $150 million. This wealth discrepancy is probably why Drake felt confident comparing Ross to Brett Berrish, an entrepreneur and CEO of Sovereign Brands. Drake basically said Ross has to resort to side hustles to generate cash because Ross' music doesn't sell as well as his. "You Brett now," the "God's Plan" rapper announced. "You not Rozay anymore."

This is not the first time Drake has dissed Ross on the basis of wealth. During a recent episode of the New Rory And Mal Podcast, Mal shared Drake's reaction to Ross' diss, "Champagne Moments." To no one's surprise, the rapper was unimpressed with what he heard. "He said he was richer than me and I turned it off," is what Drake allegedly told the podcast host. It's safe to assume that whenever Drake throws more shots at Ross on wax, the man's bank account is going to be the main focus.

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