Dreezy Unleashes Powerhouse Remix Of "B*tch Duh" Featuring Bia, Lakeyah, And KenTheMan

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Dreezy spoke with HotNewHipHop about the single.

Chicago-bred rap sensation Dreezy is back in the spotlight, setting the stage for her hit single "B*tch Duh." With a star-studded lineup featuring Bia, Lakeyah, and KenTheMan, this remix is even better than the original. Originally released on March 14, "B*tch Duh" made an immediate impact, quickly gaining traction and sparking buzz. The track's catchy energy and lyrics resonated with audiences worldwide. Notably, Rihanna was one of the icons who co-signed the release. She endorsed it on Twitter by tweeting the lyrics and brought even more attention to the song.

Dreezy's rise to fame has been nothing short of impressive. Known for her unapologetic confidence and razor-sharp lyricism, she has captivated audiences with her unique blend of style and substance. From her early mixtapes to high-profile collaborations with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb, Dreezy has consistently demonstrated her versatility and talent. The "B*tch Duh" remix is a testament to Dreezy's ability to curate dynamic collaborations that push boundaries and captivate audiences. Speaking with HotNewHipHop about the collaboration, Dreezy said she selected ladies who's pen she respected. "I really was just rocking with the girls that was rocking with me," Dreezy said during the interview. "And that sounded good with the 'B*tch Duh' movement. The girls who’s pen I respected. Every girl on this song I respected their pen." Moreover, between Bia, Lakeyah, and KentheMan, each verse added a different vibe to the song.

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Furthermore, Bia, known for her bold lyrics, sets the tone by starting things off with the first verse. With lyrics such as “I ain’t know I had an OPP cause she don’t say shit to me!” and “I could never turn my phone on just to cry…on the LIVE!” some fans believe she is shading Cardi B. Moreover, Lakeyah also delivers a show-stopping performance with her smooth flow and undeniable charisma. Meanwhile, KenTheMan injects her trademark energy and charisma into the mix. Overall, each raptress contributes something valuable to the track.

With some hard-hitting lyrics, "B*tch Duh" is already making waves. Dreezy and the ladies she recruited for this remix are definitely making a statement. As fans eagerly soak up every verse and chorus, one thing is clear. Dreezy doesn't have any plans to slow down any time soon. In fact, when we asked her about her plans for the summer, she repsonded it's going to be a "hot girl summer." "Music dropping all summer," she said. "And it's my first project dropping independently." Stay tuned for more music from Dreezy this summer! HNHH has got you covered.

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