Jay-Z & Beyonce Under Fire For "COWBOY CARTER" Rollout, Azealia Banks Shares Lengthy Rant

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"I just wish you would get unobsessed with being boring and pretty all the time," Banks wrote to Queen B online this week.

It's no secret that power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't one of Azealia Banks' favourite duos. Now that the latter is gearing up to unveil Act II of her RENAISSANCE album series, the "212" hitmaker is making it known that she's not supporting Bey exploring genres outside her usual repertoire. "Wow, we didn't even try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title?" Banks asked on her Instagram Story. "Sis, I live for Whiteyonce Donatella Bianca Bardot DOWN, but I'm kind of ashamed at how [you] switch from Baobab trees and Black Parade to this literal pick me stuff."

The New Yorker then called the "Halo" artist out for previously supporting the embattled Dixie Chicks, "who would never do the same for [her]." According to Banks, Bey too often shares her "platform with White women who are so jealous of [her] but have such a long history of sabotaging other Black women's careers." In particular, the infamous social media troll is taking issue with the "White woman cosplay" we've seen the Houston native in lately, such as her platinum blonde hair and themed outfits.

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Azealia Banks Shares Her Thoughts on Act II

As for Beyonce's husband, Banks had a message for him too. "Ugh, I'm so saddened by Jay-Z and his over strategizing everything [Bey does] to the point where it's clearly his influence and not the real Bianca Bardot... Someone tell Jay-Z his strategies are corny and Beyonce has better ideas... We would like to see her outside without him and his pound puppy dreadlocks breathing all over herrrrrrr."

If you're still curious to know more about Beyonce's COWBOY CARTER, even after Azealia Banks' loud hate train, the mother of three gave us a few interesting details via IG earlier this week. She didn't unveil her list of collaborators yet, but Bey did promise that she has upcoming songs with fellow artists who have earned her deepest respects. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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