5 Things We Want From North West's Debut Album

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north west debut album
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 12: Kim Kardashian and daughter North West attend the Western Conference Semifinal Playoff game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors at Crypto.com Arena on May 12, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

North West recently announced her debut album "Elementary School Dropout." Here's what we can expect from the upcoming release.

North West recently announced to the world that she is working on her debut album Elementary School Dropout during Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's Vultures listening experience in Phoenix, Arizona. The 10-year-old daughter of one of rap's most controversial geniuses made her vocal performance debut on Vultures 1, in the form of a brief inclusion on the track "Talking." North's performance on the track sparked questions from fans around the globe, who wondered if this feature was the start of a prolific solo career or simply a happy accident resulting from spending some quality time in the studio with her super-star dad.

Now that North West has confirmed her intention to release a full-length debut album, fans' minds are awash with possibility. The project will no doubt feature guest appearances and production work from some of Kanye's close collaborators, setting Elementary School Dropout up for major success from the get-go. Here are 5 things fans would love to see from North West's first LP.

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Chopped Soul Samples

Despite his many controversies, it cannot be denied that Kanye West has changed the face of music several times over as he recently acknowledged in his Big Boy interview. His moody emotional rumination on 808s & Heartbreak inspired a generation of hip-hop artists, while his brash experimental instrumentation choices on Yeezus brought industrial hip-hop to the forefront of the genre. Of course, before he came to be the groundbreaking artist we all know today, Kanye launched The College Dropout, notable for its high-pitched soul samples.

North West's debut album surely won't be a track-for-track remake of Kanye's debut, but the project would certainly benefit from a few throwback instrumental references with vocal chops from the likes of Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, and others. The choice to include early Kanye-influence on the project would definitely bring the rapper's legacy full circle, allowing him to pass the torch to his eldest child.

North's Kanye-Like Attitude

Before North West was making music, the public knew her primarily from her brief but notable appearances on programs like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On the show, it rapidly became clear to fans that North presents the same "Can't Tell Me Nothing" attitude as her father. Now, North has an opportunity to showcase her vibrant personality on a record, offering listeners a chance to hear from the 10-year-old recording artist in her own words. Her sole vocal performance on "Talking" already brings a great deal of personality to the table, so a full album of North talking her jazz will surely leave fans enthused.

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Guest Features From Other Famous Kids

As soon as North West's debut album was announced, fans across the internet joked that North and Drake's son Adonis should continue their respective fathers' feud. However, Elementary School Dropout could serve as a perfect opportunity to get North and Adonis in the studio together, to mend generational fences between their rap-star dads, and put the past behind them. After all, what other kids North's age could understand the process of recording a real studio album besides Adonis, who recently made his musical debut with the track "My Man Freestyle." A North West and Adonis team-up could serve as an Avengers-level crossover, with additional appearances reserved for the children of other Kanye collaborators, just for good measure.

Kim Kardashian's Full Blessing

Obviously, things between Kim and Kanye have not been ideal for the past several years, as the months following the pair's separation and subsequent divorce were mired with Kanye taking his personal battles to social media. While it remains unclear where the relationship between Kim and Kanye stands today, it would surely please listeners to know that North West's music has Kim Kardashian's full blessing. Kim has not yet commented on the album announcement publicly, leaving fans to wonder if she was even consulted about the process beforehand.

The health, well-being, and whereabouts of their four shared children have served as a major sticking point in the Kim and Kanye saga. A brief interlude or spoken word intro from Kim on the album would assure fans that the project is truly a family affair, regardless of what goes on between the divorced couple personally.

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Kanye West's Production And Vocal Features

It should come as no surprise that fans are already expecting to see Kanye West credited up and down North West's debut album. For starters, the album title and rollout already serve as North's tribute to her father's artistry. Secondly, North's incredibly young age means she'll likely require a lot of guidance in the booth, and what better teacher than the man who changed the face of music multiple times in his storied decades-long career? Undoubtedly, Kanye will grant North access to numerous popular producers, rappers, and audio engineers to ensure her album becomes a major success. Still, fans far and wide would eagerly anticipate witnessing the father and daughter duo collaborating on multiple tracks.


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