Tia Kemp Drags Cristina Mackey For "Bouncing" To BossMan Dlow

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Rick Ross' exes are still at war.

It's certainly no secret that Tia Kemp and Cristina Mackey don't get along, and unfortunately, the latter's recent split from Rick Ross has done little to squash their beef. Recently, for example, Kemp took to social media to throw some shade Mackey's way over one of her latest TikToks. In said TikTok, Mackey dances and rhymes along to BossMan Dlow's song, "Finesse."

Clearly, Kemp wasn't a fan of the video at all, and promptly hopped online to send Mackey a message. "Stop comparing me to people, bro," she begins. "Girl, if you don't stop bouncing to my motherf*ckin' beat..." Kemp didn't stop there, however.

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Tia Kemp Goes After Cristina Mackey's Appearance

"It's my motherf*ckin' motion right now," she also added. "You have none. You have none. I gave you a big back b*tch that you thought you could keep." Kemp then went on to drag Mackey for her appearance, going after her haircut and claiming the two of them look nothing alike. "You don't look like me," she said. "You don't. If I had 15 daughters right now, none of them would come out with a f*cking forehead that's unproportionate." She even brought Mackey's niece into her rant, making some unsavory remarks about her look too.

Luckily, it doesn't seem as though Mackey has been letting Kemp's criticism get to her too much. Earlier this month, she appeared pretty cool, calm and collected when responding to the mother-of-one calling her various names. According to Mackey, she stands by what she says and does, and is a strong believer in karma. What do you think of Tia Kemp's latest roast of Cristina Mackey? What about Rick Ross' most recent ex rhyming along to BossMan Dlow on TikTok? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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