It’s been a big summer for Action Bronson. Over the past several years, Bronson has made his way from an underground rapper from Flushing, Queens to a refreshing face in the culinary world and on television. While he’s never been absent from music, it did seem like he put it on the back burner to pursue other ventures for a while. In August, he unleashed the long-awaited Blue Chips 7000 and now, he announces that he’ll be hitting the road.

Starting in October, Bronson will be embarking on tour in promotion of his latest album. While the confirmed dates so far only confirm 15 dates, he says that there will be more announced. On his Instagram post announcing the tour, he said “BLUE CHIPS 7000 TOUR TIME!!! MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!!!!! VERY RARE SITUATIONS. TRUST YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.” As the 15 dates stretch out between October and December, it seems like he’ll be filling in those empty dates in other cities as soon as possible. He’ll be beginning the tour in Dallas on October 5th at the South Side Music Hall before ending it in Worcester, Massachusetts on December 3rd. The tour also includes two dates in Canada. He’ll be making his way over to Vancouver on October 27th at the Commodore Ballroom and later on, will head to Toronto on November 19th at REBEL Nightclub. 

Aside from music, he’s been heavily involved with his ventures with VICELAND. Alongside his show “F*ck, That’s Delicious” the rapper has also landed a dating show on VICELAND’s Snapchat channel in conjunction with called “Hungry Hearts” and is also rumored to have a late night talk show on the network twice a week on their television channel. While nothing has been set it stone with the talk show, the show is rumored to be scheduled around the same time as Desus & Mero. On top of that, he also just released his “F*ck, That’s Delicious” cookbook earlier this month. So it’s safe to say that Bronson has been a busy man.

Check out Bronson’s Instagram post below for all the dates on his “Blue Chips 7000” tour: