Action Bronson is a man of many hats. Over the course of his career, he has shown us that he's not only a rapper but an incredible cook and television personality as well. His charm and overall persona has made him an underground rap sensation to a stand-out personality on VICELAND's network. While he had his "F*ck, That's Delicious" show translate from the internet to a television cable series, he's expanding his reach even further.

VICELAND has now revealed that Bronson will be taking over the network even further with not one, but two new shows this fall. With most media companies using social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to further the amount of content their putting out, Bronson's new dating show "Hungry Hearts" will be hosted exclusively on Snapchat. The show is formed in partnership with dating site, Bronson will host and curate "date scenarios" for two single people. The way this show sounds, especially with Bronson as the face of it, will definitely stray away from any dating show MTV put out in the late 00's. "Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson" will premiere on Aug. 30th. 

The second show that the network is prepping for will be a late night television show in the vein of Desus & Mero, as Hollywood Reporter has said. The show has yet to be titled but is said to receive two time slots during the week around the same time as Desus & Mero. So for anyone who's looking for some comedic social commentary, VICELAND will definitely be providing that this fall.

Since first gaining traction in the hip hop world, Action Bronson has made it clear that he isn't simply a rapper. While as of recently, he's been focused on the release of his upcoming Blue Chips 7000 album, everything else seems to be aligning at a perfect time. His "F*ck That's Delicious" show has been renewed for another season and will be coming alongside a cookbook on September 12th with his album Blue Chips 7000 dropping on August 25th. He also released his new single off the project "9-24-7000" featuring Rick Ross earlier today. 

Watch the trailer for his upcoming Snapchat series "Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson" below: