D4vd Delivers Emo Alternative Cuts On His Two Pack "Withering"

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d4vd witheringd4vd withering

The popular alternative rock star is back with two grim tracks.

D4vd's growth as an artist has been nothing short of incredible. The Darkroom signee is still just 18 years old and has a copius amount of hits already. His debut EP Petals to Thorns holds five of the 10 most popular song spots on his Spotify. The highest-streamed track from that tape, "Here With Me," is over 900 million plays.

However, that still is not even close to his most played song. "Romantic Homicide" posseses that title with 68 million more listens. His alternative, rock, emo style has captivated so many fans, 24 million plus to be exact. Since 2021, d4vd has not put out a full-length record. Hopefully, that happens this year, especially after dropping two new tracks today.

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Listen To "Leave Her" & "2016" By D4vd

"Leave Her" and "2016" fall under a two-pack called Withering. The first of the two sees d4vd emotionally wail into the night about being lost about a relationship and whether or not they should be together. "2016" goes more introspective about his mental struggles and suicidal thoughts. Both are very sad songs, which is nothing new for him or for most of the label at large.

What are your thoughts on these brand-new singles, "Leave Her" and "2016," by d4vd? Are these some of his best singles in recent memory, why or why not? Is he the best alternative songwriter going right now? Do you think this is the start of an album rollout? We would like to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding d4vd. Finally, stay with us for the most informative song posts throughout the week.

Quotable Lyrics From "2016":

I'm not the same kid I was in 2016
I was young, I was dumb
Now I overthink things
That I shouldn't, I couldn't
You wouldn't believe what I did as a kid back in 2016

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