Adin Ross Teases Playboi Carti Reunion Stream... Again

We all know how well it went the first time.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares
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Adin Ross has had a streak of bad luck as of late when it comes to his Kick livestreams with rappers, one that might see brighter days ahead. Moreover, the most notable of these recent instances is his contentious and frankly tough to watch gambling stream with 21 Savage. In it, the rapper apparently played with marked cards, which Ross noticed halfway through and led to an awkward moment where 21 questioned how this happened in the first place. Since then, apparently everything's resolved and they were able to even their mismatched bets, but the Florida native faces some other challenges for his platform.

Furthermore, Playboi Carti agreed to stream with him after the Grammys, but only showed up for ten minutes due to alleged discrepancies over payment. It was a pretty disappointing moment not just for Adin Ross fans, but for vamps who were looking forward to a more fleshed-out media appearance from their king. Alas, he mostly just stood around in the dark, and we honestly don't know what else fans might've expected from it. Overall, it caused a lot of clowning online for both parties, and it puts into question what their true motives, expectations, and goals are with this link-up.

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Adin Ross Teases Playboi Carti Stream Part Two: Watch

However, Adin Ross returned to stream this week, and once again teased that a part two to the Playboi Carti collaboration would come soon. "Carti part two, me and Carti texted that," he claimed to his viewers. "Guys, Ye is doing a bunch of events right now. I'm pretty sure after the album comes out and stuff -– 'cause Carti obviously has to attend to that s**t, right? I'm pretty sure. A bunch of artists are gonna probably go to his event. So y'all gotta understand, after that, Carti part two. He texted me today. I was like, 'Yo, bro, we gotta make this s**t right for the vamps, for my community, for everyone, the world.' He's like, 'It's all love, bro, I swear. Let's do it, let's lock in.' He's texting back and telling me he wants to do it and run it.

Extended Remarks

"I'm following up with Carti every day," he added. "So if it doesn't happen, it's not gonna fall on me, it's gonna fall on Carti. I'm following up with him every single day. To make sure that it doesn't go back on me, yeah, I'm gonna be releasing all the proof. I don't want the vamps against the AR loyals, we're already like this! *crosses fingers* I follow up with him every day, every f***ing day. No, I'm trying to give the fans what they want, bro. Carti's fans what they want. I got a list of questions I'm gonna ask him and everything." For more on Playboi Carti and Adin Ross, stay logged into HNHH.

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