21 Savage Now Selling Gambling Merch After Adin Ross Scandal

21 appears to trying to make his huge losses.

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21 Savage has begun selling branded dice and playing cards on his website days after being accused of scamming Adin Ross. The set of three d6 dice and a velvet bag costs $25 while a back of regulation playing cards costs $15. At the time of writing, the playing cards have already sold out. The new merch was released with very little fanfare but was clearly inspired by the ongoing scandal with Ross.

Of course, as mentioned, this all comes after 21 was roasted online for allegedly using marked cards against Adin Ross during a stream. 21 denied any knowledge of the cards. However, he said he would honor his debt and pay Ross the full amount he owed. The rapper had been down $400K at one point in the stream. He then made a miraculous comeback, eventually cashing out with Ross owing him $120K.

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Adin Ross Confirms 21 Savage Reimbursed Him After Marked Cards Scandal

Meanwhile, during a phone call with Kai Cenat, Ross cleared the air about the ongoing situation with 21. First, Ross made it very clear that he did not blame 21 for the marked cards during their recent high-stakes gambling stream. Instead, Ross placed the blame on a member of Savage's crew. Furthermore, Ross confirmed that since the stream, he had received a $250K payment from 21 to settle their debt. Cenat was simply happy that Ross, a close friend of his, had "got that bread".

Meanwhile, 21 is not the only rapper that Ross has been rolling with lately. Drake has revealed to Adin Ross that he needs $3M to fly on the rapper's private jet, Air Drake. The revelation came as Drake dialed into Ross' latest stream. However, Ross, who is either a multi-millionaire or broke depending on the day, appeared confident that he could put the money together to cop a ride on the luxury airliner. Despite this, Drake held firm and let Ross know that there were no "friends and family discount" on an Air Drake trip. It was $3M or nothing.

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