Joe Budden Slams Benzino Amid Eminem Feud

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According to Joe Budden, "punching down is back."

Eminem recently tore into Benzino on his Lyrical Lemonade All Is Yellow cut "Doomsday Pt. 2," reigniting their decades-old feud. He threw jabs about the Source icon's appearance, insinuated that he's gay, and even shaded his daughter Coi Leray. This, of course, prompted Benzino to fire back with a track of his own, "Vulturius." While Em's track was undoubtedly tough to follow, many thought Benzino might have come out on top, and he later doubled down with yet another response, "Rap Elvis."

While listeners remain split as to who won the battle, Joe Budden seems set on who he's rooting for. During a recent episode of his podcast, he weighed in on Eminem and Benzino's beef, making it clear he's on Slim Shady's side. He had a lot to say about Benzino too, slamming him for doing things that he thinks 50-something-year-old men just shouldn't do.

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Joe Budden Sides With Eminem In Benzino Beef

“Maybe punching down is back,” he explained, in favor of Eminem's track. “I’m down with anybody dissing Benzino. Y’all see him coming out the pool on some bodybuilder sh*t with the water glistening off his body trying to be like a seal or some sh*t? Old n***as shouldn’t do that. He do too much sh*t that old n***as shouldn’t do. And I know he tried to bang that transgender. I don’t care what that n***a say. I know he did!” Budden was referring to rumors that Benzino hooked up with trans model Shauna Brooks, which he's previously denied.

“Now me and Em on the same side — look what you did, Benzino,” Budden continued. “I ain’t never had a problem with Benzino, but Benzino do make being 50 look corny.” What do you think of Benzino's reignited feud with Eminem? What about Joe Budden's take on the situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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