Cristina Mackey's New Teeth Are Her Latest Flex, Courtesy Of Boyfriend Rick Ross

Rozay and his latest lover continue to flaunt their relationship on social media for the world to see.

BYHayley Hynes
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Rick Ross' relationships aren't exactly known for lasting long. Still, whatever woman is by his side at any given time can certainly feel his love. The Richer Than I Ever Been artist has no problem spoiling her with lavish gifts and top-tier experiences. It was previously Pretty Vee who was in Rozay's good graces, but when that fling came to an end, he quickly began showing off Cristina Mackey.

Internet users theorized that Ross' latest romance would take a turn for the worse after his girlfriend began talking about him online. Nevertheless, the drama seems to have only brought them closer, as they've been spotted outside together non-stop all 2024. The former correctional officer's co-parent, Tia Kemp, has been saying plenty about her ex and Mackey in recent weeks, but he continues to treat her like a Queen while finding new ways to embarrass his co-parent.

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Rick Ross Makes Cristina Mackey the Happiest Woman on Earth

Earlier this week, a video of the "switch sides" artist showing off her new smile began making rounds on blogs. The enhancement to her mouth has Mackey feeling herself, as she couldn't stop smiling in the clip above. "Oh my God!" she yelled out before doing a little dance in the mirror. "Look at my teeth," she continued, opening wide for the camera. "They look girly, they're small, they're thin," the socialite continued as Ross watched on.

While Rozay keeps himself busy taking care of Cristina Mackey and his family, one of his co-parents, Tia Kemp, has been blasting them non-stop on social media. When the rapper's daughter, Toie Roberts, responded to the grown woman's shady comments, she certainly didn't hold back. Afterward, Rick Ross chimed in with some words of his own for Kemp, including a photo of her grinning from ear to ear after allegedly giving him a pedicure. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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