Soulja Boy Wants Blueface Beef Squashed, Offers To Put $1K On His Books

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 09: Soulja Boy attends Moroccan Playboy Nights birthday celebration for French Montana on November 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Natasha Campos/Getty Images for French Montana)
Soulja realized when he expressed joy at the fact that the California rapper is in jail that he let things go too far in a petty disagreement.

Soulja Boy and Blueface's beef has been one of the oddest to witness in recent times, mostly because of how exaggerated it all seemed. Moreover, it started with an interview question from Funny Marco to the latter about who has more hits, and devolved into some nasty back-and-forths. In fact, things took even more of a turn when the California rapper turned himself in to prison for alleged parole violations, and Soulja couldn't help but laugh and advocate for his freedom only so they could fight. But during his most recent Instagram Live session at press time, the viral "Crank Dat" pioneer expressed regret over taking things too far.

"I wasn't feeling that Live, bro," Soulja Boy began. "I should never let no n***a be able to stoop me down to that level, bro. To where I'm laughing at a n***a 'cause he in jail. It was funny for a lil' five minutes. I feel like I let the Internet s**t get to me. The Soulja Boy s**t, you know what I'm saying? To where I'm just, like, 'Man, f**k this, I'm finna turn up, I'm finna flash out.' You know what I'm saying? But me as a real n***a, I'm just, like, 'Man, you know what? I gotta be real.' It ain't about what nobody think, it ain't about the Internet. It's about me as a man and as a person. You dig what I'm saying? As a man and as a person for me, man, I'm just gon' squash the whole s**t, man.

Soulja Boy Squashes His Side Of Blueface Beef: Watch

"I'm over this s**t. It started off as some Funny Marco interview s**t, then it went to some Verzuz, who got more hits, and then it went just left hand," Soulja Boy continued. "You feel what I'm saying? It went left hand. Which I jumped out the window too, like, talking about a n***a girl. Like, 'Oh, I'll F your girl' and I'll do this and do that. I shouldn't have said that, you dig what I'm saying? I should've just, like, 'Man, you know I got more hits than Blueface. The end.' Or, you know, 'Ha ha, he think he can beat me in a Verzuz, ha ha ha, for sure.' And kept it moving. Ain't nothing good gon' come from beefing but death or jail. I know what it feel like to be locked down in a jail cell.

"You don't know what's gon' happen, you don't know what's going on on the outside," he concluded. "N***as ain't f***ing with you, ain't nobody putting money on your books. I know what it feel like. They said put money? I got a thousand dollars. Whoever know somebody, Blueface's people, Wack 100. Y'all hit me up, I'ma put a thousand dollars on that n***a books. Free Blueface. We don't want jail on no n***a. Let that n***a come out and do his s**t, man, you know what I'm saying? And that's the end of that s**t man. I love all my fans, I'm sorry y'all had to see me doing all that s**t on the Internet, man. I just be getting caught up sometimes with this Internet s**t, bro." For more news and updates on Blueface and Soulja Boy, stick around on HNHH.

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