It would appear that Young Thug’s relationship with fiancee Jerrika Karlae has come to an end. After Karlae found out that Thug was having an affair with her friend Amy Luciani (et tu, Luciani?), everything seemed to turn left in a flash. Soon, screencaps of intimate photos and conveniently placed emojis had hit Instagram, and Karlae responded to the revelations with a self-portrait, captioned by “#single.” And while Thug and Karlae’s relationship may or may not have come to a halt, the beef between the scorned Karlae and the recently-publicly shamed Luciani popped off through a series of retaliatory snaps. Suffice it to say, it’s all a little bit mad, especially when you throw Thug’s seemingly unfazed reaction into the mix – “Y cheat when u can creep?”

You might recognize her from certain angles, but Luciani has been developing a following on IG for a minute. As it stands, the Young Thug saga may very well propel her into the spotlight, so in case you’re curious, why not familiarize yourself? One thing is certain, however – Luciani has no intention on letting herself be labelled a “sidechick” – at least, not until all the facts come out. She made that abundantly clear in a recent IG post, in which she attempted to add clarity to her side of the story. She also has no patience for being publicly aired out by Thug’s fiancee, but them’s the breaks when you wade into another woman’s pool.

She also dabbles in a little IG modelling, as seen below:

She also raps, and while she’s no Jeffery on the mic, she’s got a few bars for the haters:

She also has a sense of humor, starring in a couple of skits with what looks like a comedy collective:

And last but not least, a video that may very well shed some light on this whole situation.

Amy Luciani

Young Thug's Alleged Side Chick Amy Luciani: Everything We Know