Jigg And Celly Cell Pronounced Dead After Milwaukee Shooting

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"They need to do something about all this killing," Jigg's grandmother Peggy Wright says.

Earlier this week, two up-and-coming Milwaukee rappers, Joevon "Jigg" Wilder and Marcell "Celly Cell" Hendrix, were fatally shot in their home city. They were 26 and 24 years old, respectively. According to the medical examiner, Jigg was pronounced dead in a vehicle early Monday morning, while Celly Cell was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital less than an hour later.

Authorities have yet to release more information about the circumstances leading up to the shooting, and no arrests have been made at the time of writing. Their families held vigils for the late artists the following evening. The mother of Jigg's child, Taylor Cross, reflected on the loss, noting how her late partner always managed to be there for his loved ones. "A great dad to his son, great son to his mother," she called him. "You could count on him to be there for the people he loved."

Jigg's Grandmother Describes Him As A "Good Father"

"His dad was super tough," she added. "The toughest person I know. It's depicted in his music but it doesn't show his soft side. He loved his son so much, so much." Jigg's grandmother, Peggy Wright, also described the rapper as a "loving and caring person." She additionally took the opportunity to raise attention to gun violence in the city, noting how something needs to be done. "Milwaukee is a lost town," she explained. "It needs some help. They need to do something about all this killing. I know just with my grandson, it's not going to stop."

“He was a good father," she says of her grandson, "He had a good personality. He was a character." Wright also adds, "He was laid back and chill and would just write songs.” TeeGlazedIt, who worked alongside Jigg on various music videos, also shared a heartfelt message about the loss on Instagram. “Naw cuz this sh*t can’t be real,” he said. “We just had dat long a** talk in front everybody dey seen it. You was my brother you p*ssed me off plenty times but real brothers put dat sh*t aside we got years in dis sh*t… damn cuz.” Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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