Karlissa Saffold Puts Tokyo Toni On Blast

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The two famous reality star moms are seemingly going at it again.

Karlissa Saffold appears to be trying to start beef with Tokyo Toni. "Lil @misstokyotoni ain't want no smoke after she realized I ain't no joke. I'm @olsokcy @kaliwae & @bluefasebabyy mamma. You couldn't have possibly thought because I'm an actress, I'm punk. They get it from they mammy," Saffold wrote on Instagram. It's unclear what Saffold is directly responding to.

However, it's not the first time this month that the pair have butted heads. After Tokyo Toni went after Beyonce and Blue Ivy, Saffold came to the mother-daughter duo's defense. "Girl, if you don't stop messing with Blue Ivy! She is proving the Black children early work ethics through generational talent. Don't discourage her because she ain't out here getting pregnant and waiting to be nobody baby momma like us. Don't do her," Saffold argued.

Tokyo Toni Goes After Kevin Gates

Toyko Toni is starting to make a habit of viral rants. On Thanksgiving, she went off on such a tangent that Blac Chyna, her daughter, had to dip. Chyna and Toni had been on a calling together when Toni began ranting about transgender people and "letting people be who they want to be". After giving an example from their only family, Toni abruptly changed topics to attack Gates. "There's a lot of freaky people out there, like Kevin Gates. He got two wives and a he got a big butt." A thoroughly confused Chyna left the call but Toni just kept going. "I just found he's from Morocco. That is their religion."

Of course, Toni is no stranger to just spouting off out-of-pocket about people. In September, Toni took to Instagram to diss Beyonce in a freestyle. "She got all this f-cking money. She got y'all looking f-cking dumb. Who the f-ck gon pay that money anyway. For a bad man's b-tch who use a fan all day? Stop the fan, two things gon happen. The b-tch gon turn into a jackal. She gotta keep that f-cking demon down. She keep that hair flowing, pounds. It's crazy as sh-t, round for round. Costumes on, what the f-ck she got on her f-cking page? Costumes…from early age? What the f-ck she got that wilda-- voodoo sh-t," Toni rapped.


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