Lil Yachty has become somewhat emblematic of the teenage dream. Whether he’s using his album cover to shine light on the under-represented, or starting food fights like something out of a John Hughes eighties movie, Yachty has clearly embraced his role as the archetypal teenager. As a result, his debut album is chalk full of teenage tropes, and of course, emotions. Lil Boat often wears his heart on his sleeve, and his down to earth nature has at once garnered him a loyal following and a slew of detractors.

After a thorough listen-through of Yachty’s debut, here are ten lyrics that represent the myriad “teenage emotions” captured throughout the journey.   

1. I done did a lot this year
Made a lot of friends, some come, some go
And I still never took a sip of beer

The mere fact that Lil Yachty has never taken a sip of beer sets him apart from his contemporaries. Trying, hating, and eventually learning to love the delicious gasoline that is beer is basically a teenage rite of passage. Maybe he’s simply waiting until he’s 21, but you’d think a man of Yachty’s means would have at least tried it. Still, his commitment to a beer-free lifestyle showcases some of that classic teenage reluctance. 

2. Cause she get wet and she suck me like a insect
She my step sister, so I guess that’s incest
I could not stop lookin’ at those big breasts

Teenage years often come with a wave of burgeoning sexuality, which can sometimes lead to confusion. It can also lead to, apparently in Yachty’s case, a get-laid-by-any means necessary attitude. Maybe Boat wrote this one after watching Clueless, one of the quintessential teenage movies in which forbidden step-sibling plays a big role. In any case, Yachty’s teenage emotions have him eyeing his stepsister, and he’s okay with that. 

3. You play more games than Othello
Come kick it with a fellow, come chill with me

Love games are part of being a teenager, with overly complicated courting rituals, proper texting strategy, and appearing offline on social media. While grown folk  will often forego the games and get straight to business, Yachty still finds himself subject to the whims of adolescent love woes. He also conveys said woes with a reference to Othello, which basically every high-school attending teenager has written at least one book report on.

4. I used to rock a Metallica t-shirt
You would call it the thunder tee

It’s no secret that Yachty’s a big fan of different genres, and dude has never been shy about showing his influences. In fact, many teenagers use music and art as a means of representing facets of their personality. Yachty makes it clear that his Metallica t-shirt was representative of himself, so much so that his lover actually gave it a nostalgic pet name. 

5. Keep the lights on when I fuck the bitch
Ayy, ooh, ayy
Fuck on top of the covers shit
Ayy, I might have to fuck on my other bitch

If the album tells us anything, it’s that Yachty is young, rich, and DTF. His sexual fantasies are often outlandish, pornographic, and hardly monogamous. If this stanza represents anything, it’s that Yachty is living out his wildest conquests while he’s still young enough to pull it off. For Yachty, the line between reality and porn appears almost non-existent.  

6. I’m losing it, I’m losing it for you
You just like a different dude and I’m so in love with you

Despite his fame, Yachty is not above experiencing what so many teenagers before him have suffered through. The “Friend-Zone” may be a divisive term these days, but it’s safe to say that it remains a relatable one for many teens. Even Yachty has to watch the one he loves falling for another guy, and not even burying himself in mindless sex can remedy that.

7. My bitch pussy pink just like Kirby
My bitch suck it up just like Kirby

This one’s obvious isn’t it? Like legions of teenagers worldwide, it’s clear that Yachty is a gamer. The pink-ball who loves to suck has been a familiar Nintendo mascot for years now, appearing most notably in the Smash Bros. series. Yachty proves to be in tune with the gaming community, likening his girl’s vagina to a lovable and adorable creature.

8. All of my life, I been feinding for a wife
I don’t wanna share

Behind all of the promiscuity, there lies a hopeless romantic. While he has no problem drowning himself in mindless sexcapades, Yachty makes it clear that deep down he’s been pining for the sanctity of marriage. While the album features a high degree of lovelorn melancholy, Boat occasionally reveals a desire for the emotional stability and comfort inherent in a long term, serious relationship. For all we know, he’s been planning his wedding since childhood. 

9. I’ma fuck his moms just because
I been doin’ shit that these n***s wish they could

Straightforward. Like all good teenage boys, Lil Yachty appreciates a good MILF. 

10. That’s my momma
Smartest girl I know
Pretty enough that if she forgot her wallet at a checkout counter she could pay off her tab with her looks

Boat goes full-on momma’s boy, paying homage to the most important woman in his life. While loving one’s momma isn’t  exclusive to teenagers by any means, Yachty is most definitely heavy in his emotions on this one. He even goes on to end the album with the voice of his mother, the most important woman in his life (beating out his bitches, the one that got away, and even his step-sister.) Using sentimental imagery and music, Yachty signs off with some of his most heartfelt material yet. 


10 Lil Yachty Lyrics That Represent "Teenage Emotions"