Chrisean Rock's Sister Tesehki Claims They'll "Never Be Cool" After Jumping Incident

According to Tesehki, there are some things that are just unforgivable.

BYCaroline Fisher
Chrisean Rock and Tesehki

During a recent interview with AHRR NETWORK, Tesehki opened up about her ongoing beef with her sister, Chrisean Rock. The Baddies star reflected on being jumped by Chrisean and her friends, claiming that the incident has forever changed their bond. According to her, the two of them won't ever get to a point where they're back on good terms. As she puts it, there are some things that are simply unforgivable.

"I can never be cool with her," Tesehki explained. "I stand on certain things, and I've always been the provider and protector in my family." She went on, detailing how it was growing up with seven siblings, and how she's been able to forgive them many times for different things. Despite this, she says that her relationship with Chrisean can't be saved.

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Tesehki Says She Can No Longer Trust Chrisean Rock

"This is different," she continued. "You get me jumped? And then you jump me with them? [...] And then you have the nerve to call me and try to apologize?" Tesehki then explained how Chrisean previously reached out to her to try to have a "one-on-one talk" about the incident, but she wasn't having it. She says that since getting jumped, she can no longer trust her sister the way she used to, and would constantly be worried that she was in danger if they were to find themselves in another disagreement in the future.

"I shouldn't have to be around people like that," she added. "I'd just rather not even put myself around you." What do you think of Chrisean Rock's sister Tesehki saying that she doesn't think the two of them will ever be back on good terms? Do you think she's justified to not want to rekindle their relationship, or should she give it another shot? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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