Chrisean Rock Cries On Live While Getting Nose Piercing: Watch

In true Pisces fashion, Chrisean couldn't hold back her tears during the painful process.

BYHayley Hynes
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During Chrisean Rock's pregnancy, her social media followers were more sympathetic about her frequent crying sessions, mostly due to the influx of hormones rushing through her body. Now that her son is nearly three months old, however, Chrisean Rock continues to let her tears flow freely for the world to see. As a Pisces, deep feelings come naturally to the Baltimore native. Still, it was surprising to see how in her feelings she got during a trip to the piercing shop this past weekend.

In the video below, Rock looks visibly tense while waiting for a giant needle to go through her skin. While the employee encourages the mother of one to take a deep breath as he does his job, she lets out a noise that sounds not unlike a monster truck, obviously feeling the sharp stick piercing her nose. "Let me just get that needle out, okay? Try not to move," he tells her as she stands before her friends in shock.

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Chrisean Rock Continues to Treat Herself

Despite the fact she went through childbirth (which was also streaming on IG) not long ago, Chrisean seemed even more traumatized by this situation. Plenty of tears were shed, but when the artist finished working, the entertainer's posse was eager to see. This wasn't her first time getting that side of her nose penetrated, which is possibly why Rock felt an abundance of pain this time around. Knowing how badly the process hurts, we hope she won't treat this new jewelry like her fake tooth.

Besides making some changes to her appearance at the piercing shop, Chrisean Rock is also using her cash flow to step up her vehicle collection. This past week, the 23-year-old proudly went Live in her new Bentley Truck while reflecting on how much growth she's showing lately. Read what Junior's mom had to say at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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