Drake and The Weeknd, both high-profile Canadian members of the hip-hop community, have enjoyed long streaks of incredible success that include multiple hit singles and tens of millions of dollars in touring revenue. However, when it comes to joining forces, it seems like that link-up isn’t too far-fetched an idea. As we previously reported, Abel is supposedly open to the idea, having told Zane Lower as much in an interview earlier this year. In fact, he envisions them laying done something similar to Watch the Throne, the vaunted Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration from 2011. In addition to that, Drake added to this storyline at OVO Fest in Toronto, saying that the two singers working together is something that has to happen. Now, it seems that Aubrey is not giving up in his pursuit to be making some sweet music with The Weeknd.


In a recent Instagram post, Drake shared a picture of himself with his curls grown out, a look that the music superstar hasn’t sported in a minute. The Weeknd left a comment on the post, likening this flashback hairstyle to his Take Care curls. The Champagne Papi was quick to respond, saying that sharing the photo was basically his “subliminal” way of trying to tell The Weeknd that they need to make music. No word on whether or not this teaming of two of hip-hop’s biggest names will happen anytime soon, but with a vested amount of interest on both sides, the possibility that they’ll find the time to share a studio session or two together seems stronger and stronger every day.

The real question is when exactly this will be going down and, with both stars keeping quite the busy schedules, getting both of them to be in the same place at the same time could be a bit of a struggle. That said, it’s a fun exercise to think about what a song (or album) from both of them could sound like. Would The Weeknd, with his silky-smooth delivery, be the one to take the wheel and write most of the lyrics? Or would it be Drizzy handling the creative heavy lifting? Let us know how you think it would go down.


Drake "Subliminally" Tells The Weeknd They Need To Make Music Together