Meek Mill's "Cougar Fantasy" Takes Over Social Media

Meek is back in his wild posting era.

BYBen Mock
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On the evening of November 10, Meek Mill told social media about one of his deepest fantasies. "I want an older rich freaky bad's my fantasy," the 36-year-old rapper wrote. While X users were initially stunned, they quickly rallied to turn the post into one of the weekend's biggest talking points. Several people took it as an opportunity to shoot their shot. "I'm 58 [heart eyes emoji]," one user replied.

However, the majority of replies fell into two distinct categories. First, there were people clowning on Meek for his horny posting. "Meek back in his insane tweeting bag," one account wrote. Furthermore, many people replied with various highlighting their discomfort at the post. The second set of replies, other than people simply agreeing with Meek, were those making suggestions of "cougars" that Meek could pursue. Oprah, Kris Jenner, and even Hilary Clinton could all be found as recommendations for the rapper in the replies.

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Meek Mill Shares His Favorite Conspiracies

However, horny posting isn't the only thing that Meek has been up to lately. Rick Ross and Meek recently sat down with Complex to discuss many things, including conspiracies. Specifically, the two rap icons discussed what the "GOAT" conspiracy was. "I signed up for TikTok...I've being going down a rabbit hole every night before I go to sleep. I can't tell you if its Nikola Telsa...How the Pyramids were built...The Alaskan ice wall...I'm all over the place y'all," Meek began. "The aliens...the Greys...I'm on a journey at nighttime." However, Ross hit him with an old classic in response. "The GOAT conspiracy theory...Everybody been on my DMs the last two months about being on Star Isle. So it's the Illuminati." The pair then joked about both being in the Illuminati.

Now everyone knows about the Illuminati but what f-ck is Meek on about? By "Nikola Telsa", he's like referring to free energy suppression. This is a theory that Telsa invented a source of free perpetual energy that was then suppressed by Thomas Edison and the US government. Meanwhile, many people believe that the Pyramids were built by aliens or a forgotten mega-civilization that lived at the end of the age of the last ice age. Finally, "Alaskan ice wall" is a sub-conspiracy of the Flat Earth that states that the flat earth is ringed by a giant, impassable wall of ice. Stay wild, Meek.

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