Dee-1 Insists Jim Jones, Rick Ross, And Meek Mill Jabs Were Out Of "Love"

Dee-1 thinks they should "use this as an opportunity to educate and to communicate."

BYCaroline Fisher
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During an appearance on Sway's Universe earlier this month, Christian rapper Dee-1 called out Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill. He claimed that their lyrics only serve to promote harmful behavior. He suggested that they can "do better," prompting each of them to fire back. Meek Mill was the first to respond, denying Dee-1's accusations and claiming to be the "face of reform." Rick Ross then chimed in, saying that Dee-1 only dissed them for clout.

“Lil’ man, whoever you is, until you feed the kids where you’re from for 20 years straight, don’t question Rozay,” he explained. “Go viral feedin’ them kids in your hood. Go viral givin’ them bikes away. Go viral Christmas time! Don’t be sayin’, ‘Jim Jones.’ Jim Jones just gave away goddamn six figures worth of clothes in his hood. And you a n***a who talkin’. Lookin’ vegan, knowin’ you eatin’ more goddamn biggly-wiggly bacon than any other n***a out here. Shut up.”

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Dee-1 Down To Be Friends With Jim Jones, Meek Mill, And Rick Ross

Most recently, Jim Jones responded to his comments on Sway's Universe, warning Dee-1 to be careful of what he says. “I don’t like to hear people mention my name," he explained. "Especially when you don’t know me. Because that’s very touchy. You gotta watch whose names you mentioning out here. Because my little cousin might not like how you mentioned my name. And then he might want to slap a dread out your head just ‘cause he don’t understand that you using my name for fame."

Now, Dee-1 has sat down with B High TV, claiming that there's still an opportunity for the four of them to make the most out of their beef. “Jim Jones, I love you; Meek Mill, I love you; Rick Ross, I love you,” he said. “The world wants it to become something negative and unhealthy, but let’s make sure we use this as an opportunity to educate and to communicate... And if that means we can be friends at the end of this — cool. If we can’t ever be friends — cool, all good. Just go be a better man of God and I’ma try to be the best man of God I can be, and it’s gucci.” Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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