Finesse2tymes Dumps Pregnant Girlfriend To Focus On FNG Shugga, Who's Also Expecting His Baby

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BET Awards 2023 - Red Carpet
Finesse2tymes attends the BET Awards 2023 at Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)
"I don't need 2-3 women no more," the Southern lyricist announced via Instagram this weekend.

Before he shared his polyamorous relationship with the world, Finesse2tymes likely expected he and his three girlfriends would face backlash. Despite critics, the unconventional group stuck together for several months. However, the third woman left the others behind when FNG Shugga (who seems to be a favourite of Finesse's) revealed that she's expecting a child with the "How to Act" hitmaker. Shortly after freeing his time up with just two girlfriends, the father-to-be happily announced earlier this fall that both of his partners were pregnant.

When the news began making rounds online, many speculated that it wouldn't take long for tensions to rise in Finesse's home. Being around one woman whose hormones and body are constantly changing is hard enough. Having two under one roof sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen. While we don't know the details at this time, the Southern star confirmed via Instagram this weekend that he's happy to be a one-woman man after seemingly ending things with his second pregnant lover.

Finesse2tymes is Proud to Be a One-Woman Man

"I'm focusing on @fng_shugga only," the 31-year-old shared on his Story along with an explanation. "I don't need 2-3 women no more, I got kids. That s**t ain't what's up, and nah this ain't about no baby mama s**t," Finesse noted. "All my BMs know I take care [of] mine, here or not 💯." It seems no matter what the embattled entertainer does, people will find a reason to poke fun. Now, they're clowning 2tymes for getting a woman pregnant only to make her a single mother.

It's unclear exactly why Finesse2tymes chose FNG Shugga as the woman worth sharing his heart with. Perhaps it has something to do with the massive tattoo she got of her man's face earlier this year, undeniably proving her love for him. See photos of that at the link below, and let us know if you think Finesse is wrong for putting out his second girlfriend after getting her pregnant in the comments.


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