NLE Choppa Gets Weird On Kai Cenat's Prison Livestream, They Sing "Moment 4 Life" Together

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No one wants to hear about sexual assault on their roleplay livestream.

Kai Cenat and NLE Choppa joined forces for Cenat's latest bizarre livestream - a live-action prison roleplay stream. Along with Cenat's usual crew, the pair play-acted as prison cellmates while streaming from an actual decommissioned prison. However, some people, seemingly Cenat included, felt that Choppa took things a little too far. At one point in the stream, Choppa went full method acting. "Imma f-ck him. I'm not gonna let him play with my booty hole," Choppa screamed as Cenat watched on in confusion.

Elsewhere in the stream, the pair performed Nicki Minaj's Drake collab "Moment 4 Life". The 2010 hit, that peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, is about two childhood friends realizing they had "made it". It's something of a bizarre choice for a prison livestream but then again, a prison roleplay livestream is bizarre enough in and of itself.

Nicki Minaj Clarifies Relationship With Cenat

Furthermore, speaking of Minaj, she recently had to clarify her relationship with Cenat after some fans felt she was a little too flirty with the streamer on a recently Instagram Live. "The fact that some people still don’t understand me and Kai relationship chi. We from the same county, we can both take it. Pauz. Or my relationship with funny Marco. Some people be thinking Marco is a random crazy man on the live. Like that man is a star with his own brand." She continued, "But y’all I just peeped that they aggravate me just like Akbar do every time and yet I still add them to my lives. They get on my nerves how they be getting on my nerves. And JT, Flex, Joe," Minaj said in an Instagram post.

However, she's not the only one speaking on Cenat as of late. GloRilla recently broke her silence on blocking Cenat on social media. "Don't come on my Live asking me about nobody I done blocked. They blocked and they gonna stay there. You made your bed you gotta lay there," she said on a recent livestream. GloRilla blocked the streamer after he dropped some incredibly harsh criticisms of her latest track. Cenat went as far as to say that he felt betrayed by the rapper's latest musical offering.

Kai Cenat And NLE Choppa Sing "Moment 4 Life"

How do you feel about Kai Cenat's prison livestream? Was it all in good fun or was it poor taste? Let us know in the comments.


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