Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were photographed strolling down the beach, hand-in-hand, earlier this week. The two haven’t shown any signs of romantic entanglement previously, which makes the impromptu picture the thing that celebrity dating rumors were made for. Social media users and columnists alike were frothing at the mouth while scouring the Internet looking for any details that might lead to a solid confirmation of their couple status, albeit the fact that publicly locking fingers is normally a pretty sure bet. 

According to People, the pair have been friends for a long time and would be spotted together in public often, but as just that: friends. Apparently, Foxx in particular wasn’t interested in seeing anyone seriously, preferring to devote himself entirely to his work life as an actor, TV host and singer. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has been divorced from blockbuster movie star Tom Cruise since 2012, after six years of marriage to the Mission: Impossible actor. Perhaps the first public sign of the couple’s budding romance was back in 2013, when they hit the dance floor together at an event in the Hamptons, reportedly getting down to songs like “Blurred Lines.”

Since then, they’ve been spotted visiting each other in Los Angeles, where they apparently live pretty close to each other. Despite rumors to the contrary in 2016, when both actors were spotted with new rings on their respective fingers, neither Foxx nor Holmes had gotten engaged or married. After visiting the set of Foxx’s new Robin Hood film in Paris this spring, Holmes enjoyed the much-talked about afternoon in Malibu with the actor, supposedly speaking intimately with him for a large portion of the time. All this information, however, doesn’t mean much without a confirmation from either one of the Hollywood stars and, at the present time, Foxx doesn’t seem ready to do anything of that nature.

“Jamie is still not open about his relationship to many of his friends,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly. “Everyone knows they’re together and that he is not seeing other women, but it’s still unspoken.” He was similarly tight-lipped when questioned by TMZ earlier this week as well.

Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Relationship Rumored After Beach Photo