Sherri Shepherd Shades Sexyy Red: "Let Them Imagine Something"

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Sherri Shepherd just can't get behind Sexyy Red's explicit lyrics.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Sherri Shepherd shared her thoughts on Sexyy Red. The 25-year-old hitmaker is known for her raunchy songs and laid-back persona, and it's safe to say that her music isn't for everyone. Lyrics to tracks like "Pound Town" and "Looking For The Hoes" are enough to incite gasps from even the most open-minded listeners, including Shepherd.

According to Shepherd, she just can't get behind the St. Louis-born performer's explicit lyrics. "Oh my God, I was like "what are these girls talking about nowadays?" she says of hearing "Pound Town" for the first time. "When did talking about your booty hole start being sexy to people?" As for whether or not Shepherd would be willing to have Sexyy Red as a guest on SHERRI, it looks like another 'no' from her.

Sherri Shepherd Doesn't Want Sexyy Red On Her Show

"When did just getting money, and showing your booty hole to dudes become sexy? Me, I come from the school of let them imagine something. Don't just come and show him every day," the personality continued. She then described how things have changed since she was Sexyy Red's age, noting how she doesn't get current trends. Shepherd says that although they had their fair share of "wild" music back in the day, they kept things balanced. She acknowledges that there are some current artists putting out wholesome tracks, but she doesn't think there are "enough."

Shepherd's take on the "SkeeYee" artist has some fans up in arms, while other users understand where she's coming from. Obviously, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and can listen to and support whoever they want. With that being said, many note that Sexyy Red has been a major target for criticism in recent months, despite her staying in her own lane. What do you think of Sherri Shepherd's take on Sexyy Red? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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