Post Malone's Lawsuit Is "Idiotic," Kodak Black's Lawyer Claims

Martorell Law is suing Post Malone, claiming they have photos that prove he allegedly abused his ex.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Earlier this week, it was reported that Post Malone is being sued by the law firm Martorell Law. Martorell Law is accusing the performer of "physically abusing" his ex, Ashlen Diaz. They claim they have photos and text messages to prove their allegations.

Diaz hired the firm back in 2020, when she was seeking palimony after their breakup. Her deal with the firm included a percentage of her awarded settlement. She decided, however, to settle with Post privately instead, receiving $350k. Now, the firm wants their cut. “Defendant Diaz, unfortunately, gave in to such duress (as victims often do), to her own detriment, separating her from legal representation she desperately needed," the suit reads. “Rather than face accountability, however, Defendant Post downplays his control over his ex-girlfriend, attempting to portray this action and twist this clearly wrongful behavior as somehow akin to a party trying to stifle competition.”

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Bradford Cohen Weighs In On Post Malone Lawsuit

Malone responded to the lawsuit, requesting for it to be dropped and claiming that he didn't control her decision. The firm further accused the artist of "coercion and pressure of one’s romantic partner combined with physical and emotional abuse." Now, attorney Bradford Cohen, who's known for representing Kodak Black, has weighed in on the situation. He took to Instagram to share his thoughts, and had some harsh words for the lawyers suing Post.

"This is an example of in my opinion, what disgusting lawyers do and what gives lawyers a bad name," he explained. "This lawsuit is idiotic, in my opinion, breaches several legal fiduciary duties and is something that gives attys reputations of being jerks. Nasty move and a nasty way to try and get 100k in fees. Weak lawyering weak case and weak move." What do you think of Cohen's response to the lawsuit? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Post Malone.

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