Offset Gets Jumpscared During Kai Cenat Stream, Drops Freestyle With Streamer

It seems like the two pop culture icons have been having a lot of fun.

BYBen Mock
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Yet more clips from the 24-hour stream held by Kai Cenat and Offset have made the rounds on social media. In one, Cenat has the rapper playing The Scary Maze Game. In this iconic flash game, the user must guide a small cube through an increasingly complex maze. However, if you touch the sides, you will be jumpscared by a scary face. It's unclear as Offset knew about the second part of that as he played the game, with Cenat watching behind him. While the rapper appears to do quite well, he inevitably ends up touching the side and is jumpscared. However, he appears to take it well and laughs it off with Cenat.

Elsewhere in the stream, around 90 minutes after it began, Cenat and Offset dropped a freestyle together. Now arguably, Offset's section is much better than Cenat's. After all, Offset is a musical professional and Cenat just sort of says "I'm thirsty" and "Imma drink" over and over again. However, it's just another cute moment from the stream. Meanwhile, people online are just excited to see Offset having this much fun. "I love this! Offset look like he so happy to have a friend lmao," one person noted on Instagram.

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Cenat Tries To Help Offset With His Fear Of Snakes

Furthermore, Kai Cenat tried a little exposure therapy during a recent livestream. During the stream, the popular streamer brought out a bunch of snakes along with a trained handler. This was all in aid of trying to help Offset get over his fear of snakes. However, Offset appeared to have none of it. That was especially after one large python decided that it was going to have a go at doing python things to Cenat.

In the end, the most that the rapper was willing to do was gently touch one of the snakes. It's still a big move for someone with a pretty intense fear. Furthermore, everyone in the room made sure to affirm the rapper for taking that step.

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