Luv is Rage 2 is finally out, and fans have been weighing in since it dropped last Friday, as to whether or not it’s as strong as its predecessor, Luv is Rage. For the most part, it seems like the consensus is no, but that doesn’t mean that Luv is Rage 2 isn’t being felt among the fans, it just inspires a different sort of feeling. 

Lil Uzi Vert is aware of the conversations surrounding him, even if he doesn’t always take part. Today, however, he did decide to chime in on the Luv is Rage 2 debates and conversations, with a simple tweet which sheds light on the artist’s own intentions for the release, but also adds some confusion. The Generation Now rapper says of the release: “2 was made for our youth…. so they  can learn how to format real songs.” Now there are two parts of this statement to unpack. It’s unclear if Uzi is targeting anyone specific with the tweet, but he’s undoubtedly inspired a myriad of youth to try their hand at rapping, and not all will be successful at it. Nonetheless it seems like this is Uzi’s way of continuing to inspire and teach, in his own way, the youth. (Or else, could this be intended moreso for his fellow generation of rappers that are coming out the woodwork each day, such as Tay-K and Trippie Redd?). Are the songs on Luv is Rage 2 better formatted than the songs on Luv is Rage, though? Is one less real than the other? 

As Uzi narrows in on his sound and broadens his audience, formatting a “real song” becomes more and more important (read: radio), but at the same time, it seems surprising that this is the one thing Uzi would say about the project to all his twitter followers, given the fact that we continue to move away from any distinct “rules” within and across genres. What do you make of his tweet? 

Check it out below. You can stream Luv is Rage 2 here.

The rapper opened up about the new album on the day of its release with Zane Lowe, while also teasing what’s to come: a proper rock album. What rules?

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert Says "Luv Is Rage 2" Is So Youth Can "Learn How To Format Real Songs"