In a surprise twist of fate, hip-hop's biggest rockstar surprised fans earlier this morning with an important announcement: his highly anticipated Luv Is Rage 2 album was finally about to drop at midnight on August 25th. Now, that time has arrived, and listeners can finally get a clue as to what Lil Uzi has been up to since the release of his breakout single "XO Tour Life." In fact, the album has secured some of Lil Uzi's biggest collaborators yet, with RnB king The Weeknd and the legendary Pharrell Williams sliding through for a feature. Overall, the album has come at an ideal time for the twenty-three year old; despite protestations about the wait, the nature of this surprise rollout seems to have truly capitalized on Uzi's momentum. 

It's to think that Uzi has somehow managed to emerge as one of the game's biggest artists, and while some have been quick to label him a mere mumble rapper, the melodic finesse he displays on songs like the aforementioned "XO Tour Life," is unlike any the game has seen. This newest album will surely expand his catalog in a big way, and further cement his foothold as one of hip-hop's most exciting and musically competent new artists. 

Check out the tracklist below, and be sure to stream the project in full right here. Sound off below on what ya'll think - did Uzi deliver on the potential teased by his previous work? If so, what are your personal favorite cuts? 

01. Two 
02. 444+222 
03. Sauce It Up 
04. No Sleep Leak 
05. The Way Life Goes 
06. For Real 
07. Feelings Mutual 
08. Lil Uzi Vert ft Pharrell Williams - Neon Guts 
09. Early 20 Rager 
10. Lil Uzi Vert ft The Weeknd - Unfazed 
11. Pretty Mami 
12. How To Talk 
13. X 
14. Malfunction 
15. Dark Queen 
16. Xo Tour Llif3