It's been quite the year for Lil Uzi Vert. He had one of the most anticipated debut albums in hip hop this year and gave his fan a 12 hour notice before he dropped it this morning. With Luv Is Rage 2 out now, Uzi paid a visit over to Zane Lowe's Beats1 show where he had his brain-picked by one of the best music journalists in the industry. Zane Lowe talks to Uzi about his collab with Pharrell, his post-Luv Is Rage 2 plans and much more.

Uzi had some very high praises for Pharrell during the interview, referring to him as "the best person on the earth." The two have had a solid rapport, with Uzi appearing on Pharrell's "iamOTHER" podcast a few months back. 

In the interview, Uzi says "He's like the type of person that, like, somebody that has way more clout than him will still look at him like the biggest person ever. He's the GOAT."

He later mentioned that him and Pharrell went into the studio and "went crazy." He also gives him dabs, not just as a musician but as a fashion icon saying that he based designs for his jewelry off of Pharrell's.

Another interesting part of the interview is that he divulged on his next move after this project. It seems that he's planning to pull a Weezy and drop his own version of Rebirth with a rock album in the cut.

"Do you have any plans to release music quick after Luv Is Rage 2?" asks Lowe to which Uzi replies, "I'm gonna come out with a rock album"

While Lowe seemed reluctant on the idea, he asks "If it's absolutely terrible, will you still release it?"

Uzi replies with "I don't know. It's kind of hard for it to be bad because I don't really be looking at my songs like they're good or bad." Uzi says, "So when I put 'em out, someone accepts them." So we'll see what happens with that but with his ability to defy genres, there's a good chance it might end up being a decent effort.

Despite the braggadocious attitude that comes off his music, he maintains his humility. At one point, Zane Lowe mentions that the music community really loves him to which Uzi seems shocked and replied "Really?"

It later directed the two to discuss Uzi's relationship with Young Thug. Uzi credits Thug for his humility, after being taken under the wing of the ATLien. He says "I watch him. He showed me how he take care of his family, he really showed me how I'm supposed to move as a man." Uzi says, "That's the stuff that really make me rock with people."

Check the full interview below: