If you’re still sleeping on him, Tay K is a 17-year old rapper from Dallas who exploded onto the music scene this Summer with his hit record “The Race,” which follows his time running from the law. Back in June, Tay K was arrested & locked up after he cut off his ankle monitor and fled the state of Texas to New Jersey, where he was eventually captured. Currently locked up on capital murder charges stemming from a couple years back, Tay K hasn't been able to reap the rewards of his success, but has definitely seen his fair share of support from fellow artists.

On Wednesday, Tay-K was scheduled to appear in court for those capital murder charges, where his lawyer was confident that Tay-K would be free’d, but that ultimately didn’t happen. Instead, the trial was pushed back reportedly due to lack of evidence.

New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli spoke to Tay’s lawyer, the same as Kodak Black’s, James McMillan, on Wednesday and said he was told that Tay-K would be tried as an adult in the case. The judge apparently told Tay-K that the decision to move the case to adult court had no bearing of his guilt or innocence, but added that officers testified that there was no evidence that the rapper had weapons or engaged in any violent acts.

Here’s a statement from Tay-K’s lawyer:

“We just concluded the “certification transfer” hearing for Mr. Mcintyre. The judge has ruled that his case should be moved to adult court case based on his age (and the fact that the juvenile court will lack jurisdiction soon). The judge was very clear to tell Mr. Mcintyre on the record that this decision had no bearing whatsoever of his guilt/ innocence in this case. After a full day of hearing with numerous officers testifying under oath, officers testified there was no evidence that Mr. Mcintyre engaged in any violent act or possessed any weapons. Mr Mcintyre remains upbeat after this hear. I believe once all of the evidence is presented, Mr. Mcintyre will be exonerated on all charges. We look forward to moving ahead.”

There's no set release date yet, but we’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward. Check out a couple tweets (below).