Stephen Jackson On FaceTime With B.G. After Prison Release

B.G. was released from prison earlier this week, after serving more than a decade.

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B.G. was recently released from prison, after spending over a decade behind bars. He served time for gun and witness tampering charges, and has to follow quite a few guidelines amid his release. For the next two years he's on supervised release, and will have to undergo a treatment program for alcohol/ drugs. He also has to attend school in order to "better set him up for future employment," and serve 400 hours of community service.

With that being said, it looks like the 43-year-old rapper is already headed back to music. “For the record, I just want n***as to know that my n***a official Cash Money — ain’t no cap in that,” Birdman said yesterday. “Ya heard me? Ain’t nobody he can ever sign with beside this sh*t. I’m bringing all this sh*t together. B.G. signed to Cash Money so y’all don’t got to hear it from nowhere else.” The Cash Money founder isn't the only person he's reconnected with since his release, however. Recently, the rapper was also spotted on a FaceTime call with former NBA player Stephen Jackson.

B.G. And Stephen Jackson Chat On FaceTime

In the screenshot of the call, the two of them appear to be in good spirits. B.G. is seen sitting in his car while Jackson looks to be hanging out at home. It's unclear what the duo could have been talking about during their call, however, fans are speculating in the comments section. Back in 2012, Jackson sung the praises of B.G. in an interview with ESPN, claiming that he was a major asset to his label. "Cash Money was a bigger threat when they had B.G., Juvenile, Turk and Wayne," he explained. "Because all those guys can really rap, and they were real street guys with real credibility."

Clearly after 11 years behind bars, it'll take some time for B.G. to reintegrate and become comfortable in society again. Luckily, he appears to have been welcomed by various peers who will surely help him along. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on B.G. and Stephen Jackson.

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