Stephen Jackson Confused By Jalen Green "Humping" Video

Jackson said that we live in a "different time."

BYBen Mock
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A video of Jalen Green "humping" former Rockets teammate Josh Christopher made the rounds on social media this week. The short clip shows Christopher pinned below Green with his legs spread in the air. Green, situated between Christopher's legs, vigorously thrusts in a simulation of a sex act for a few seconds before rolling off Christopher. Both players are seen laughing as the video ends.

It looks like harmless roughhousing and fooling around. Furthermore, it's something that if the video hadn't been leaked, would never have seen the light of day. But of course, we live in a puritanical hellscape and that hates even the implication of homosexuality and so people are being really weird about this. Former NBA Stephen Jackson, reacting to the video, said that "[this sort of behavior] never happened at any of the basketball camps I ever went to. That's never a thought, how did that come into play?." The video, shot sometime between 2021 and 2023, features two young friends who are clearly having fun together. Sure, it may look weird to the 45-year-old Jackson but times change.

Another "Dudes Being Dudes" Video People Are Being Weird About

During Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party, a photo emerged of Lil Baby enjoying a group hug with a couple of dudes. The internet got very weird about this, saying things like “It’s normalizing the gay agenda”. 50 Cent even got in on the action. The rapper proclaimed that he was very confused and upset about the picture. A picture of a consensual hug that he was not involved in. Boosie Badazz later took some subtweet potshots at Fif over his outrage. Kyle Kuzma later posted his own picture hugging Rubin. It still remains chill to hug your dudes. Hell, if you want to (consensually) pin your dude down and rail him, more power to you. And hey, if you don't want to see this sort of thing, just don't watch the video. It's that simple.

According to the ACLU, they are tracking 491 active bills in state legislatures that can be described as anti-LGBTQ+. A separate anti-trans bill tracker claims to be tracking 561 bills in state legislatures. The fundamental right of LGBTQ+ people to simply exist is under attack. If we allow for there to be a “both sides” argument about whether it’s okay for two heterosexual men to platonically hug or jokingly mimic sexual acts, we are allowing the door to remain open for bigotry. It's really not that deep. And yet, there are people in this world who have nothing better to do than use this as evidence as to why LGBTQ people should not exist. Find something better to do with your life than hating the existence of others.


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