Boosie Badazz Goes After Yung Bleu And His Brother, Claims Their "Karma" Is Coming

Boosie Badazz says both Yung Bleu and his brother are "snakes."

BYCaroline Fisher
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Boosie Badazz has been going back and forth online with Yung Bleu as of late. He's accused the rapper of signing a deal with Empire without his knowledge, which he says lost him money. Things have gotten pretty heated in recent days, with Yung Bleu even challenging Boosie to a boxing match. Boosie's put him on blast for allegedly forging his signature, threatened to sue him, exposed his publishing details, and more.

Now, Boosie Badazz has taken to Instagram Live, sharing a few additional thoughts he has on the debacle. He claims that Yung Bleu did something similar to the last guy who "put him on." Boosie further accused him of being "ungrateful" and a "snake." The rapper says that he gets one over on everybody he works with, telling viewers, "Them n***as' karma coming."

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Boosie Badazz Calls His Brother "The Cable Guy"

"Everybody you f*ck with you just cut they throat?" he continues, "Like, man. You ain't gonna have no good love, dog." Boosie goes on to express his disbelief of the situation, claiming that anyone who decides to listen to Yung Bleu's music at this point is "crazy." Later in the livestream, Boosie also called out his brother, asking him where he got money to "put behind Yung Bleu," and claiming that it was actually his money.

"What money you have if you worked at a cable company?" he asks, "You hung wall TVs up." Boosie continues, calling the debacle "a snake eating a bigger snake," and explaining that Yung Bleu won't be seeing a lot of the money from his music. He further accused his brother of having "no talent," claiming that he's not good at music or sports, and all he knows how to do is steal. "He's the cable guy," he adds, "how did he bankroll your career?" Share your thoughts in the comments section and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu.

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