Latto Addresses Her Bar About Benzino On "Peaches & Eggplants" Remix

Her explanation came after Coi Leray seemed to clap back at Latto for mentioning her father amid previous tension between the two femcees.

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It seems there might be another Cold War brewing in the rap world between two femcees whose tensions aren't letting up. Despite both of them appearing to put their beef behind them, Coi Leray and Latto still have their sights on one another from what their verses suggest. Moreover, this is because of many people assuming that sneak disses from one are about the other, especially after the latter's bar about Leray on "Put It On Da Floor." What's more is that the "Bops" rapper didn't make things any less clear when she directly called out Latto on her new EP. Still, it's not as overt of a beef as you may assume from that, but a new remix made things even more contentious.

Furthermore, Latto recently hopped on the remix of Young Nudy's "Peaches & Eggplants" with Sexyy Red. In the song, she has a bar about Benzino ("give me that neck like Benzino, give me that neck like, 'where it go?'"), who is Coi Leray's father. She appeared to respond to this diss- and to the Atlanta MC posting a picture of the media figure as a promo- by tweeting out "Someone find me a pic of Karen." Maybe it's just a coincidence, but there's too much history and context here to ignore.

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Coi Leray Appears To Respond To "Peaches & Eggplants" Remix

However, when the "Seven" artist had a chance to explain herself about this bar, she didn't speak on whether it was intentionally to flare up Coi Leray. Of course, if she wanted to do that, she could've just gone at Coi outright, so perhaps it's merely a casual connection. Latto explained the meaning behind the bar and also defended herself by saying she wrote the verse on her own. It's still possible that Benzino's response will either stop this in its tracks or further fuel a feud.

Latto Explains Benzino Bar, Defends Her Verse Writing

Meanwhile, Latto herself acknowledged that it doesn't look like she has a neck in that video, so at least it's all comical at this point. While this isn't the only rumored rap beef that she's in right now, it's certainly the most documented and direct so far. Hopefully, if anything, they keep their focus on being competitive as rappers and not on petty personal stuff that sinks them to new lows. On that note, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Latto, Benzino, and Coi Leray.

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