Lil Wayne Reveals His Raunchy Favorite Meal, Does A Fit Check

Lil Wayne's favorite meal is NSFW.

BYCaroline Fisher
The 2023 ESPY Awards - Show

Maurice Kamara @thepeoplegallery_ recently caught up with Lil Wayne, asking the performer a few questions about his life. The New Orleans-born rapper starts off by describing his all-black outfit, detailing the oversized Balenciaga hoodie, pants, and boots. Lil Wayne also flexes a beanie/scarf combo. He reveals that his sense of style is heavily influenced by his home city, as well as other artists like Jay-Z and Cam'Ron.

Kamara then goes on to ask him what his favorite meal is. Lil Wayne doesn't shy away from getting personal with his answer, revealing that it's actually "P*ssy." For obvious reasons, this managed to spark laughter from the interviewer. The conversation then closes with the rapper sharing that he's a Libra. The comments section of the clip is now flooded with users noting how serious he seemed to be about his answer, and finding it hilarious that he was able to keep a straight face.

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Lil Wayne's NSFW Favorite Meal

Earlier this month, the 40-year-old was also inducted into Billboard's Hip Hop Hall of Fame. “You already know I gotta give thanks to the man up above," he explained in a heartfelt speech at the event. "Also, those that we lost, those that we wish were here, we thank you as well," he continued. "And to my fans, I think I worded it the best way when I said I ain’t sh*t without you. This is for y’all, y’all as in my fans, those in the crowd, my supporters, those that work for me, those that work with me, those that work around me, those that work like me. This is for us.”

As of late, Lil Wayne has also been hyping up an upcoming collaborative album alongside 2 Chainz, ColleGrove 2. Earlier this week, the artists joined forces with Usher, appearing to shoot a music video. This has managed to spark some speculation that the R&B icon could be featured on their new project. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Lil Wayne.

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