Popular televangelist Joel Osteen has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, and now he’s made a new enemy in veteran rapper T.I.

Osteen has received some scathing criticism over the past 48 hours after his Houston megachurch chose not to open its doors right away, or at least that’s the way it seemed to the public. The pastor defended his side of the story on this morning’s (August 30th) edition of Today, saying that social media had helped to promote a “false narrative” about his church’s motives. The facility is now open the any survivors who need shelter and safety from Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it has caused, but at least one person isn’t having any of the excuses.

T.I. sent some major shots at Osteen on Instagram, using a video post as a way of underlining the pastor’s wrongdoings. Also included in his rant is the reason why he does not trust megachurches, saying that they earn tons of money every year but don’t necessarily use that standing to give back to those in need, especially in a time of crisis like the one currently transpiring in Texas.

“This is why people (like me) don’t trust the mega churches,” Tip wrote. “How can someone (especially a so called man of God) make 70+Ms a yr TAX FREE from citizens of a city that’s now in distress & in dyer need of food water & shelter NOT OPEN THE DOORS OF GODs HOUSE (supposedly) to help those in need?”

He then dissed Osteen dircetly, tagging him and remarking that he is a fraud. “YOU SIR ARE A FRAUD!!!! Ministers,preachers,pastors,reverends are all supposed to be SERVANTS sent here to do the LORDS work. Not just sitting back in comfort watching as satin has his way!!!! FOH!!! We CANNOT AFFORD to continue to just go & give our money away to people who pose as “Preachers” or their BIG lavish MEGA CHURCHES WITHOUT HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE WHEN WE NEED THEM!!!!! Tithing is selfless acts of kindness & what you do for OTHERS. Stop giving y’all money to these LIKE THEY GON TURN YOUR BREAD OVER TO GOD!!!! N**** please.”

See T.I. full rant to Joel Osteen in the post below.



T.I. Sounds Off On Joel Osteen's Houston Church Fiasco