Boosie Badazz Details Wild Nightmares Amid Marijuana Withdrawals

Boosie says weed "was like food" to him.

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During a recent interview with VladTV, Boosie Badazz opened up about some of the conditions he has to follow while out on bond in his gun case. The rapper spoke on some of the ins and outs of wearing his ankle monitor, revealing that he has to wrap it up to even take a shower. Although wearing the device does have it's downsides, the rapper claims that it's also working to help keep him out of trouble. "I can't go out at night," he explains, "I gotta be in [by] ten at night." Despite the curfew, Boosie's been given clearance to perform still, regardless of the timeframe.

He described feeling grateful for the judge's leniency in his case, claiming that he hasn't been able to detect any "hate in her heart." Despite the court's leniency, however, Boosie also has to refrain from using substances while out on bond. This includes marijuana, which Boosie was a frequent user of. He shared that although the process of quitting is difficult, he's actually felt better since he did.

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Boosie Dreamt About Getting Eaten By A Bear

"I'm getting my color back," he explained, "man, I feel more [healthy]." Boosie says that he was smoking weed for "five years straight," making coming off of it quite the feat. "It was like food," he described, "when I stopped, I was going through withdrawals." He went on, detailing how he struggled with nightmares throughout the quitting process. The artist explained dreaming about being stabbed, falling off of buildings, and more. Boosie says he even dreamt about getting eaten by a bear while he was fishing.

"I was breaking out with sweats," the performer shares, "I'm getting better now but man, I was having so many withdrawals." Despite the tough symptoms of his withdrawals, Boosie agrees that quitting was a much preferred alternative to remaining behind bars. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Boosie Badazz.

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