Stefflon Don And Melli Add To List of Tory Lanez Support Letters

Two more prominent voices add their support for the Canadian rapper.

BYBen Mock

In a new Meghann Cuniff article, additional letters in support of Tory Lanez have been unsealed. These new letters come from UK grime artist Stefflon Don and R&B artist Melii. In her letter, Stefflon Do said she was "deeply saddened by the incident that led to Tory’s conviction." She signed the letter under real name, Stephanie Allen. Additionally, Allen spoke on the impact of her "Senseless" remix with Lanez. "[The song] resonated deeply with our audience and received significant acclaim, climbing the charts and touching the hearts of many listeners," she wrote. "This achievement stands as a testament to Tory’s artistry and ability to connect with people through music."

Meanwhile, Melii, who was recently ordered to pay $4 million in relation to a 2017 shooting, also expressed her support for Lanez. "His image he had was more of a character for the industry he's in. But even through that, his real self always shined through and that’s why we all love him the way we do," she wrote. "Although this took a turn I ask that you please give Daystar a chance. Give him the opportunity to be home soon and not be seen in such a horrible light."

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More Voices Back Lanez

Of course, Stefflon Don and Melii are just the most recent voice to back Lanez. The rapper received a 10-year prison sentence earlier this month. Iggy Azalea was publicly mocked for her letter of support. The Australian rapper had reportedly hired Lanez to produce her next album. As a result, she wrote a glowing review of the Toronto MC. However, many saw her letter as hypocritical, given that Azalea has previously accused other performers, namely Playboi Carti, of abusive behavior. Furthermore, Azalea’s letter essentially boiled down to “Tory has never shot me so I think he’s a good person.”

Among the other 75 letters written on Lanez’s behalf was one from Mario. “When Tory first became a father,” the letter says, “I remember a conversation about everything he wanted to leave for his child someday.” “I have never seen Tory act out of character in a manner to hurt someone,” it also reads. “We’ve spoken on the phone many times and prayed with each other. All I can ask and pray for is that he and his son are treated fairly,” the rapper wrote. However, Mario’s letter also received significant backlash on social media. Regardless, the letter didn’t help and Lanez could spend as much as the next decade behind bars.

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